Time Zone Arrival Time in 2018.1

Functionality was written into DirectRoute to accommodate time zones.  In this functionality DirectRoute will do a calculation for arrival and departure times based on the time zone the truck is leaving from and where the stops are located.  These Time Zones are specified in the LOCATIONTIMEZONE in the Truck and Stop file and set up as a Stop and Truck Userfield. The field to display the timezone adjusted time is ARVTM_WITH_TZ under Stop Statistic Fields.

No work was done to the RouteBook Times displayed.  The times displayed in the RouteBook are all relative to where the truck is leaving from and are not taken into consideration with the routing algorithm.  This is for display purposes only.

Example: Intended functionality

Dispatcher is routing from Dallas (CST)

The Branch is located in Portland,OR (PST)

Stops are located in PST and some in the MST

All displayed times in the routebook are relative to PST where the truck file has the truck leaving from.

Assume the truck leaves the Portland (PST) location at 600 to make a stop in Idaho (MST) which is 4 hours away.  The routebook will show a dispatch time of 600 and an arrival time of 1000 at the Idaho stop.

When exported to JDE, the export file should show the departure time from the depot of 600 and show an arrival time of 1100 for the Idaho stop which is +1 hour difference from the Depot location (PST).

*The Time Zone the user is in has no impact on the solution that is ran*