Add a New LDAP Group

To add a new LDAP Group, click on the Save button and the system will either:

  1. Add the new LDAP Group to the bottom of the current list (if truly a new group), or 
  2. Overwrite any LDAP Group with the same group name that may already exist on the list.

Modify or Delete an LDAP Group

After editing all necessary fields, check the box next to the group name and select Modify to update, or Delete to delete the group.



Edit DRTrack User Group Permissions

  1. Choose the DRTrack User Group from the drop-down list.  
    1. This will populate the permissions checklist with all of the permissions included for that group.  
  2. To override any defaults with one mapping, select or deselect the pertinent rows from the Permissions checklist, then save the mapping.