(Requires Microsoft® .NET Framework 4.8 or higher.)

The Order Import Service (OIS) provides users with the ability to automate the process of inserting orders into Appian software using simple text file formats. OIS is an Appian provided client application that polls a user-defined folder within your network for an order file (.CSV, .EXT, or .XLS) exported from an ERP/WMS/OMS. The file is then processed by the service and automatically pushed to the database using web services.  


There are several benefits of using the OIS, including:

  • Text files are generally considered easier to generate than writing a full web services integration
  • The ability to deploy routing and dispatch tools quickly


Because the Account Master exists in the database, data elements that are required for routing aren’t necessarily required in the order file. Any information missing from the data will automatically populate from Account Master information.  The order file can contain simple order summary data or be as detailed as line-level data.