DirectRoute 2020.1

Release Date:  1 Apr 2020


Enhancements in This Release  


  • Added the ability to export and save the Solution Statistics report from the Route Board to a .csv, .tab, or .xls file.
  • DirectRoute will now pass the data version listed in Preferences>Routing Preferences when geocoding US Lat/Long coordinates to ensure higher accuracy results. Ensure the following is updated in Preferences>Routing Preferences:     1) Other>Mileage System = Trimble MAPS   2) Trimble Maps>Data Version = PCM_NA
  • New column, Country Code, added to the Stop and Truck Files when importing or exporting between DirectRoute and DRTrack; includes export and import of Routes, Master Routes, Account Master, and Truck Master.
  • Removed the View button from the +Add Stops pop up box in Unloaded Stops.
  • Updated the installation process to ensure the person installing is given full security control the Appian/DirectRoute folder when the installation is complete.
  • Replaced DirectRoute's previous 3rd party map tile control with a different one that allows finer control of zooming.


  • New ability to display route miles, hours, and drive time in the info box on Truck, Driver, and Trailer tabs.
  • Added ability to change font size on display labels in Gantt Charts.
  • Added ability to insert or delete rows on Gantt Chart, move resources to the new rows, and delete the rows if no resources are assigned.
  • Added color controls for Days while in Day Mode.


  • Improved Summary File enables filtering all items on the grid; remove territories/days from the map if not on the grid.
  • Added option Show/Hide Territory (Remove All and Remove All Boundaries) on the grid to show or not show territory boundary when the days on the map have been filtered by day.
  • Columns on the grid can be organized and moved and the new layout saved when the file is closed/reopened; double click on the grid to open the Summary Info box for the selected summary.
  • The new Summary File can now be saved as a .csv, .tab, or .xls file.

Issues Resolved in This Release


  • Enabled error message to display if attempting to generate a route solution while a Stop/Truck File is open in Excel.
  • Fixed Apply EQ and Bound when Transparency is not set to zero or 10.
  • Corrected crash that occurred when minimizing/reopening any tab (besides the map) in the Route Book.
  • Corrected issue causing loss of filtered from the Stop File after the file has been saved/reopened. 
  • Fixed incorrect time displayed for Refuel Fixed Time.
  • Corrected exception error when selecting relay routes.
  • Corrected blank info box received after selecting/inserting replenishment points on a route using Priority Routing, and fixed the error received when attempting to close Priority Routing.
  • Corrected problem displaying the correct Route from Route info when re-selecting Show on Map.
  • Corrected color population when reopening Build To Value.
  • Fixed Default Vehicle Profile not set in Distance File generation.
  • Corrected large variance between mileage systems
  • Corrected Help button action for Map Point Field Displayed.
  • Rectified refresh action for Map Region and Map Theme, when changing data directories. 
  • Fixed incorrect Route Summary tab totals (Miles by State report) when using Mileage System of Trimble Maps for trucks where OneWay = TRUE
  • Corrected route generation failure (no error message) while generating a solution that includes stops with both negative and positive volume on the same line item.
  • Corrected exception error on Solution Statistics when opening from the Truck File.
  • Corrected the Start Menu shortcut.
  • Corrected frozen columns that wouldn't unfreeze with Right Click+Format Cells>Unfreeze Column.
  • Corrected exception error when trying to un-violate routes.
  • Updated exposed API paths for calls to Appian Enterprise from DirectRoute.


  • Rectified exception error on Gantt Chart.
  • Corrected scrolling issue on the Gantt Chart display.
  • Changed Print to File to reflect the correct number of days to print.
  • Fixed Worktime violations received when initializing a solution.


  • Corrected loss of stops on locked territories when building days; sum of volume when broken up into days should equal volume when not broken up.
  • Fixed issue when building days for one territory and then build a different number of days for another territory with lock existing days selected, it would build days from the one already built.
  • Corrected resizing issue when closing/reopening a saved solution.
  • Fixed issue allowing redistribution of locked territories.
  • Selecting a Summary symbol in route info box no longer hides all territories.
  • Corrected disappearing sequence numbers.
  • Corrected overlapping stop symbols.
  • Corrected problem reassigning sub-territory trucks in the json incorrectly when exporting to TerritoryManager.
  • Fixed update issues for truck symbol, size, and color in the Stop file.

Important Note: Effective with the DirectRoute 2019.3 release, DirectRoute map data relies on an active internet connection to retrieve current Trimble map data provided by PC*MILER Web Services. Customers should ensure they have external internet access to the following sites:

Additional information is available in the Readme.txt file, included in the DirectRoute release download. The file is copied to your DirectRoute folder when updated with any new release (typically C:\Program Files (x86)\TMW Systems Inc\Appian\Direct Route).

Updating to the New Version

If you are interested in updating to the newest version of DirectRoute, or any other version, contact Trimble MAPS Appian Support at (800) 663-0626, Option 6, then Option 7; Mon - Fri from 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM (CST).  Or send an email to