DirectRoute 2020.1

Release Date:  1 Apr 2020


Important Note: Effective with the DirectRoute 2019.3 release, DirectRoute map data relies on an active internet connection to retrieve current Trimble map data provided by PC*MILER Web Services. Customers should ensure they have external internet access to the following sites:

Enhancements in This Release


New: Added the ability to export and save the Solution Statistics report from the Route Board to a .csv, .tab, or .xls file.

  • DirectRoute will now pass the data version listed in Preferences > Routing Preferences when geocoding US Lat/Long coordinates to ensure higher accuracy results. Ensure the following is updated in Preferences > Routing Preferences: 1) Other > Mileage System = Trimble MAPS   2) Trimble Maps > Data Version = PCM_NA.

New: Removed the View button from the +Add Stops pop up box in Unloaded Stops.

New: Updated the installation process to ensure the person installing is given full security control the Appian/DirectRoute folder when the installation is complete.

New: New column Country Code was added to the Stop and Truck Files when importing or exporting between DirectRoute and DRTrack; includes export and import of Routes, Master Routes, Account Master, and Truck Master.

New: Replaced DirectRoute's previous 3rd party map tile control with a different one that allows finer control of zooming.


New: Added ability to display route miles, hours, and drive time in the info box on Truck, Driver, and Trailer tabs.

New: Added ability to change font size on display labels in Gantt Charts.

New: Added ability to insert or delete rows on Gantt Chart, move resources to the new rows, and delete the rows if no resources are assigned.

New: Added color controls for Days while in Day Mode.


New: Improved Summary File enables filtering all items on the grid; remove territories/days from the map if not on the grid.

New: Added option Show/Hide Territory (Remove All and Remove All Boundaries) on the grid to show or not show territory boundary when the days on the map have been filtered by day.

New: Columns on the grid can be organized and moved and the new layout saved when the file is closed/reopened; double click on the grid to open the Summary Info box for the selected summary.

New: The new Summary File can now be saved as a .csv, .tab, or .xls file.

Issues Resolved in This Release


  • Enabled error message to display if attempting to generate a route solution while a Stop/Truck File is open in Excel.
  • Fixed Apply EQ and Bound when Transparency is not set to zero or 10.
  • Corrected crash that occurred when minimizing/reopening any tab (besides the map) in the Route Book.
  • Corrected issue causing loss of filtered from the Stop File after the file has been saved/reopened. 
  • Fixed incorrect time displayed for Refuel Fixed Time.
  • Corrected exception error when selecting relay routes.
  • Corrected blank info box received after selecting/inserting replenishment points on a route using Priority Routing, and fixed the error received when attempting to close Priority Routing.
  • Corrected problem displaying the correct Route from Route info when re-selecting Show on Map.
  • Corrected color population when reopening Build To Value.
  • Fixed Default Vehicle Profile not set in Distance File generation.
  • Corrected large variance between mileage systems
  • Corrected Help button action for Map Point Field Displayed.
  • Rectified refresh action for Map Region and Map Theme, when changing data directories. 
  • Fixed incorrect Route Summary tab totals (Miles by State report) when using Mileage System of Trimble Maps for trucks where OneWay = TRUE. 
  • Corrected route generation failure (no error message) while generating a solution that includes stops with both negative and positive volume on the same line item.
  • Corrected exception error in Solution Statistics when opening from the Truck File.
  • Corrected the Start Menu shortcut.
  • Corrected frozen columns that wouldn't unfreeze with Right Click + Format Cells > Unfreeze Column.
  • Corrected exception error when trying to un-violate routes.
  • Updated exposed API paths for calls to Appian Enterprise from DirectRoute.


  • Rectified exception error on Gantt Chart.
  • Corrected scrolling issue on the Gantt Chart display.
  • Changed Print to File to reflect the correct number of days to print.
  • Fixed Worktime violations received when initializing a solution.


  • Corrected loss of stops on locked territories when building days; sum of volume when broken up into days should equal volume when not broken up.
  • Fixed issue when building days for one territory and then build a different number of days for another territory with lock existing days selected, it would build days from the one already built.
  • Corrected resizing issue when closing/reopening a saved solution.
  • Fixed issue allowing redistribution of locked territories.
  • Selecting a Summary symbol in route info box no longer hides all territories.
  • Corrected disappearing sequence numbers.
  • Corrected overlapping stop symbols.
  • Corrected problem reassigning sub-territory trucks in the json incorrectly when exporting to TerritoryManager.
  • Fixed update issues for truck symbol, size, and color in the Stop file.

Additional information is available in the Readme.txt file, copied to your DirectRoute folder (typically C:\Program Files (x86)\TMW Systems Inc\Appian\Direct Route) when updated with any new release download. 

Updating to a New Version

If you are interested in updating to the newest version of DirectRoute, or any other version, contact Trimble MAPS Appian Support at (800) 663-0626, Option 6, then Option 7; Mon - Fri from 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM (CST).  Or send an email to