DRTrack 2020.1

Release Date: 6 May 2020


Enhancements in This Release

New: Integration Improvements

  • Trimble's Privacy Statement has been added to all DRTrack sites.  Anyone using DRTrack can access the statement at any time from any page via hyperlink at the bottom of the page (https://maps.trimble.com/privacy/).
  • Modified Driver Name Preference format to meet ELD compliance and to match PeopleNet's related field. This update also corrects a sync issue that occurred when new drivers were created.
  • New Samsara sync capability sends displayed driver info (Route page) to Samsara when routes are exported.
  • New Samsara Cloud App lets you choose how to capture time stamps of events. Using the Cloud app, select the Gear icon in the top right of the screen, then select Routing. Use Geofencing requirements to capture time stamps of an event or update Manual Depart and Manual Arrive, and remove the Geofence requirement.

New: Import Service Updates

  • The Truck Master upload now includes/updates Georesult data in TBLTRUCKMASTER.

New: Web Service Improvements

  • Improved the Route Board search and update results (faster returns for routes and unloaded orders).

Issues Resolved in This Release

  • Corrected the config/.ini settings to display Quantity Aliases and User Fields in search results on the Search Order Cards.
  • Modified key geocoding related .ini settings to correct issues preventing the geocoding of an address.
  • Updated sprocs to accept null results for GeoResult and Country; new trucks can now be added without these fields when using older databases with an updated code base.
  • Modified Quantity, displayed on the DRTrack Dashboard, to remove extra zeros; enabled ability to add additional (4) quantity fields.
  • Corrected email notifications so that only individuals in selected roles/branches receive appropriate notifications.
  • Corrected the issue preventing multiple (more than 2) quantity values from exporting to PeopleNet.
  • Modified behavior of the Export arrow icon on the Routes page; it will now turn green after a successful export to PeopleNet, Pocket Mobile, Samsara, etc.
  • Corrected problem with the Route Export Table that prevented export to PeopleNet.
  • Fixed a DRDispatch and 10-4 Integration mismatch by changing the 10-4 data field lengths for Shipment Number and Route Number to four and six digits, respectively.
  • Corrected Pulse Device Sync to allow for paginated results in DRTrack, enabling display of info for all devices/trucks.
  • Modified the Omnitracs set up data to fix time zone and GPS sync issues.
  • Modified the Route page to hide Export to Samsara button, when Samsara Integration is not enabled.
  • Corrected Samsara sync issue preventing new devices from being assigned to the default MAIN branch.
  • Corrected Samsara Device.ip value to ensure GPS data comes thru during sync.
  • Corrected issue preventing Unloaded/Locked Master Orders from being available to unlock.
  • Fixed problem causing the Terminal Account to update with info from the order data.
  • Modified placement of Time Zone info on the Order Tracking page to center it under the header.
  • Rectified POI Manager map issue creating a large grey area on the bottom of the map and displacement of the Unloaded Orders Panel, requiring extensive scrolling before reaching the panel to view.
  • Corrected issue causing POIs with Last Used Date greater than 60 from the current date to appear in the POI Panel.
  • Fixed problem causing intermittent issues on the POI Manager page, preventing branches from displaying in drop down menu, or causing a branch name to display but corresponding POIs were missing.
  • Corrected server error received when unloading stops from unassigned route on the Route Calendar.
  • Corrected error received when dragging an unassigned route on the Route Calendar.
  • Corrected usp_InsTruckList argument error creating a new route on the Route Calendar.
  • Rectified drag/drop issue when moving a stop to the first active or logged off driver on any active or logged-off route.
  • Modified stored procedure usp_GetEmailListForRouteAvailability to correct Route Manifest emailed to drivers; report should now use Order Address/Ship To Address instead of Account Address for the stops.
  • Corrected problem causing intermittent deletion of an order and its original route (single order route) when attempting to move the order to another route when the addition of the order caused a violation.
  • Fixed issue that prevented saving ServerAuthenticationToken in session when navigating to DRTrack from an Enterprise app using JWT token.
  • Rectified issue causing usp_GetRouteCollByBrnchAndLDate to time out.


Updating to a New Version

If you are interested in updating to this newest version of DRTrack, or any other version, contact Trimble MAPS Appian Customer Support at (800) 663-0626, Option 6, then Option 7; Mon - Fri from 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM (CST) Or, send an email to support@trimblemaps.com