Pulse is a one way integration to DRTrack, first introduced in Apr 2020. This integration consist of a black box device that plugs into the Onboard Diagnostics (OBD) port on the vehicle.


Pulse needs to be installed on a server as a windows service and should be set to start automatically. In DRTrack, Pulse is enabled by default and does not require an enable setting.


INI Settings

There are 6 Pulse INI settings, all of which are required. The API URLs are static and will not change.  

  • GPSApiUrl: This is the API URL Pulse uses to get our GPS data
  • AuthApiUrl: Just as it sounds, this API URL is for authenticating with Pulse
  • ClientID: This is the customer specific ID assigned by Pulse
  • ClientSecret: This is customer specific and assigned by Pulse
  • UserName: This is used for authenticating
  • Password: This is used for authenticating


If you know the Pulse specific account info, enter it into the db directly, or simply change the INI settings once the site is live. 


Configuration Settings

The following settings should be updated in DRTrack/Configuration Manager:


Create Devices (DRTrack)

When creating devices in DRT, be sure to use IP = VIN of the vehicle to identify the specific device and vehicle it is paired with.


Create Drivers/Vehicles (Pulse Dashboard)

Log in to the Pulse account. Once on the Pulse dashboard, create a driver/vehicle and assign a Pulse device to the new driver/vehicle.  

  • Click the truck icon on the menu to the left of the screen



  • Click the big red circle to add a new vehicle/driver


  • Fill in the data required. The VIN is the unique identifier for Pulse

  • Click on new vehicle icon to view vehicle info

  • Click on Assign Device and update appropriate info. 


  • Once a device has been assigned, you should be able to see the device info.



Support Assistance

If you should need any assistance setting up this integration or any other integration, contact Trimble MAPS Support, support@trimblemaps.com, Phone: (800) 663-0626, Option 6 then Option 7, Monday – Friday 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM CST.