DRTrack 2020.1.1

Release Date: 7 Jul 2020


Enhancements in This Release

New Audit Event Records Added

  • Created a new Exported Order and Exported Route audit record to log stops and routes when exported to Samsara. This will allow filtering calls to the web service by the same criteria (exported routes or stops).
  • Created a new Geocoded Order audit record to log orders that have been geocoded; facilitates finding and returning the event or order in the GetOrderDetailByModified date calls.
  • Created a new Delivered Order audit record any time orders are updated by an arrival event through whatever means (D2Link Forms, GPS based stop detection, manual entries, web services, etc.); facilitates finding and returning the event or order in the GetOrderDetailByModified date calls.

Updated Web Service Calls

  • Modified the web service call GetRouteDetailbyModifyDate to include the DriverID field in the return when DriverEmployeeID is used in the initial call, providing integration partners the ability to use a single call to get all route level info. 
  • Modified the Preassigned Driver info that is returned when GetRoutesByModifiedDate is queried. The results returned in the Route Details return envelope now include all preassignment data for drivers, whether they are, or not, logged into routes. To enable this function, update ini setting populatePreassignmentsField = TRUE.
  • Modified the web service call GetRouteDetailsbyModifiedDate to include truck details (e.g. TruckID, Work Rules, Costs, Qty values, etc.), in addition to Route Details.
  • Modified the web service call GetRouteDetailsbyModifiedDate to include Route Export Status in the Route Details return envelope.

Issues Resolved in This Release

  • Aligned spacing of Quantity and User fields on the Alias Manager page.
  • Corrected/Verified that DRTrack is consuming all GPS ping info from Samsara, including speed and heading.
  • Corrected an order import error on Delete Order envelopes by inserting a route with Branchkeyid of -1 in TBLROUTESUMMARY.
  • Modified Order Import from Agility using API to correct a 'dirty' order mark.
  • Corrected the issue of dropped orders that occurred when a consolidated stop was moved from one driver to another on the Driver View or Details page.
  • Identified/fixed Route Calendar crash that occurred when an order was completed prior to the scheduled start time. Update ini setting RescheduleStopsOnRouteBasedOnActuals = AUTO, to correct the scheduled start time to match the Actual Start Time.
  • Modified the Order Search on the Route Calendar to locate orders from any/all branches.
  • Fixed the Route Calendar error Object Error Reference, caused when an unassigned route was dragged onto a truck or driver.
  • Modified the web service call GetRouteDetailByModifiedDate to remove an extra row of Preassignment data.
  • Modified the web service call LockStops to remove the requirement to pass ExternalIDList to the service.

Updating to a New Version

If you are interested in updating to this newest version of DRTrack, or any other version, contact Trimble MAPS Appian Customer Support at (800) 663-0626, Option 6, then Option 7; Mon - Fri from 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM (CST).  Or send an email to support@trimblemaps.com