DirectRoute 2020.3

Release Date: 16 Oct 2020


Important Note: Effective with the DirectRoute 2019.3 release, DirectRoute map data relies on an active internet connection to retrieve current Trimble map data provided by PC*MILER Web Services. Customers should ensure they have external internet access to the following sites:

Enhancements in This Release


New: Added a new icon (function), Hide Labels, to the Drawing Tool Bar. 

  • While working in the Drawing File, toggle the Hide Labels icon to show or hide the labels or text boxes attached to drawn objects on the map.

New: Added the ability to show unloaded orders alongside a filtered set of routes on the map, making it easier to add to any unloaded order to a route. 

  • Use the red pin icon displayed at the top of the Route Book menu, to toggle the view of unloaded orders on the map on/off.  

New: Added the ability to interact (edit) with the Stop File, Stop Info box, and the map during the geocoding process while working in the Stop File. 

  • Enables edits to stops that receive poor geocode results. 
  • Edits can be made to a stop's coordinates via the map (by moving the stop), or edit the stop's Lat/Long directly in the Stop File, all while the Geocode info box is still open.

New: Added the ability to filter results in the Route Book with free-form text, without navigating through the entire filter workflow. 

  • The Route Book filter still behaves as before, only the method of populating the filter value has changed.

New: Completed improvements to the algorithm to decrease processing time when building routes with relatively large Stop Files (13k+ records).


New: Improved the Move Routes dialogue box to include a column for Customer Name (mapped to File > Preferences > Configuration > Name) when routing with a Pattern Library. 

  • Customer Name now appears as the first column in Account Information (at the top of the box).

New: Modified the Change Schedule options when routing with an Exportship Stop File (from SchedulePro). The Change Schedule option will no longer appear when NO selected for Routing with a Pattern Library during the route building process.


New: Added the ability to Undo/Redo the previous action while making modifications and editing territories. Like DirectRoute, use the shortcut keys Ctrl+Z to activate the Undo/Redo action.

New: Added the ability to move all accounts in bulk from any Day or Territory to another Day or Territory using Swap Days and Swap Territories

  • When swaps are completed, all affected accounts are updated automatically; all statistics are updated in the Territory Summary, and all corresponding fields are updated in the Stop File.

New: Added the ability to easily add a new Day to any Territory while working on the map. 

  • Stops can be selected and moved to a new Day using the Lasso Tool. 
  • All account info for the moved stops will automatically transfer and update the new Territory once the move is completed.

Issues Resolved in This Release


  • Corrected issue preventing the selection of new Favorites in the Route Book’s Truck Info panel.
  • Updated the actions invoked when the PreProcess box is selected or not selected within the Build Route dialog box. The PreProcess action chosen in the Build Route dialog box will override all selections made in Preferences > PreProcess. If PreProcess is not selected when building routes, any action set to TRUE in Preferences will be disregarded and not run. If it is selected, all actions set to FALSE will be disregarded and will run.
  • Updated the UI (Map) to increase the speed in which drawing files are opened, saved, and closed, resulting in reduced the wait time (from several minutes to just a few seconds).
  • Corrected a mileage conversion issue that was yielding inconsistencies in mileage calculations and totals between PC*MILER Direct vs. Trimble MAPS.
  • Fixed the issue that resulted in a much longer drive time when generating directions with Use Mileage System Drive Time, versus when using DR Drive Time or PC*MILER Drive Time.
  • Corrected issue causing Truck File updates to take an excessive amount of time.
  • Fixed the F9 shortcut key; when used in Routing mode, it updates the Stop, Route and Truck Files after edits have been made in the Solution Info panels.
  • Stabilized the default map view to prevent redrawing and zooming of the map when changing Time Windows.
  • Modified the size of the Stop and Truck symbols on the map to improve view, correcting altered sizes that occurred when DirectRoute switched to web maps.


  • Corrected secondary volume allocation errors produced on 8 week cycles.


  • Corrected problem that prevented updating the Day or SubTerritory in the Stop Info box while in Day View or Territory View. After making an edit and clicking on the enter key, the software will now update/move the day to the new day that was entered.
  • Corrected problem causing an error when attempting to save a Drawing File (.drw).

Additional information is available in the Readme.txt file, copied to your DirectRoute folder (typically C:\Program Files (x86)\TMW Systems Inc\Appian\Direct Route) when updated with any new release download. 

Updating to a New Version

If you are interested in updating to this newest version of DirectRoute or any other version, contact Trimble MAPS Appian Customer Support at (800) 663-0626, Option 6, then Option 7; Mon - Fri from 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM (CST).  Or send an email to