DirectRoute 2020.2

Release Date:  24 Jul 2020


Important Note: Effective with the DirectRoute 2019.3 release, DirectRoute map data relies on an active internet connection to retrieve current Trimble map data provided by PC*MILER Web Services. Customers should ensure they have external internet access to the following sites:

Enhancements in This Release



New: Added ability to lock a group of routes chosen by filter in the Route Book. Previously, routes could be locked by choosing a group of routes in sequential order, or by choosing routes that were displayed on the map. 

  • This new method lets the user choose routes based on specific criteria using filters.
  • To access this feature, first filter the routes as desired in the Route Book. Once filtering is complete, select Modify > Lock Routes from the DR menu.
  • In the Lock Routes info box, click to select the Lock Filtered In Route Book option, then select OK.

New: Created a new locking icon in the Route Info box, Open Route Lock Menu, that when selected, will open a menu box that enables entering specific, non-sequential route numbers to be locked or unlocked.

New: Added new item to Preferences (Routing > General > Enable Start Time Column) to be used with a new User field (Start Time) in the Stop File.

  • When these are used together and routes are initialized, DirectRoute will dispatch routes at the specific time listed in the Start Time column (Stop File). Adding this new function removes the necessity to edit individual routes each time a change is needed to the actual route start time.  

New: Modified Generate Route Directions on Route Edit (Icon) to ensure new directions are in fact generated when routes are edited or modified after directions were initially produced. 

  • Example: When Generate Route Direction on Route Edit is selected on the DirectRoute menu, the button will be outlined in black ink. When a stop is on any route is edited or modified, as soon as that action occurs, the Generating Route Directions info box should appear in the lower left side of the screen, indicating new directions are being generated.

New: Added Confirmation of Saved Changes selection in DirectRoute Preferences. 

  • When the Preferences tab is opened, users will see an option to save Preferences upon close; click the box to enable saving changes. The box will remain checked/selected every time the user opens Preferences until a time when the box is unchecked. 
  • The option to save Preferences upon close provides a means to save DR project config settings should an unexpected event occur at any time while working in the project (i.e. system failure or crash).


New: Added a halo effect (circle) around a selected stop on the map to visually indicate the stop has been selected. (Also applies to DirectRoute and SchedulePro)

Issues Resolved in This Release


  • Removed default/automatic selection of Use Mileage System Drv Tm If greater than DirectRoute Drv Tm associated with generating directions while in routing mode. If this option is not selected when directions are generated, it will remain unselected, and not default back to Selected.
  • Corrected issue causing an error when generating directions with Optimize Sequence selected.
  • Rectified issue saving drawing files; the path File > Save Drawing now works correctly to save changes made to the drawing file.
  • Corrected the problem that caused drawings to disappear from the map after the DirectRoute screen was minimized and then reopened and/or maximized.
  • Modified DR log files for better insight into where and how errors or issues occur when DirectRoute is launched and/or reads specific files.
  • Corrected issue preventing Generate Directions/Update Distance File from working correctly after route edits.
  • Corrected map zoom issues.
  • Modified map zoom slider bar to correct unstable, erratic behavior.
  • Modified map zoom functions controlled by scrolling mouse to correct unstable, erratic behavior.
  • Modified One Way route generation to remove the route line that was showing a return to the depot.
  • Modified column alignment on order import XML file from DRTrack to DirectRoute to correct misaligned fields (Priority and On Finalize).


  • Corrected the issue that prevented saving selected territory colors and sizes when changes to size/color were made in the TP Summary info box.
  • Fixed the issue preventing the TP number from displaying in the Stop Info box label on a loaded stop.
  • Corrected issues with sorting fields in the summary and making manual moves; should not cause any loss of data from the summary.
  • Modified the TP Summary to replace solution totals at the bottom of the summary.

Additional information is available in the Readme.txt file, copied to your DirectRoute folder (typically C:\Program Files (x86)\TMW Systems Inc\Appian\Direct Route) when updated with any new release download.

Updating to a New Version

If you are interested in updating to this newest version of DirectRoute, or any other version, contact Trimble MAPS Appian Customer Support at (800) 663-0626, Option 6, then Option 7; Mon - Fri from 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM (CST).  Or send an email to