The DirectRoute User Guide provides detailed instructions to help you take advantage of the many powerful route planning features of DirectRoute. It is current as of the most recent version release of the application. 

Three Ways to Find Information

  • Open your installed version of DirectRoute. From the DirectRoute menu, select Help/Contents. An online, searchable version of the guide will open automatically.
  • Download the PDF version from this site 
  • Locate the PDF version included in your DirectRoute software update on your PC. Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\TMW Systems Inc\Appian\Help and look for the PDF file in the folder. You can move and safe the PD

Please Note

  • We are working on adding new articles to FreshDesk to cover information typically found within the guide.
  • There are variations between the different versions of DirectRoute, in terms of which features are available, what options appear on the menus as well as the look of the user interface. 
  • Some features described require the purchase of an additional license. 

Last Guide Update
Oct 2021
DirectRoute 21.3
Trimble MAPS