DRTrack 21.1

Release Date: 22 Jan 2021

In this release:

Enhancements in This Release

New ability to send ShipTo location information with Accounts (versus Order Import) into DRTrack.  Added the ability to send ShipTo location information with Accounts (versus Order Import) into DRTrack via an API so that new ShipTo's don't have to be created manually, or wait for an order to be sent with the new info.

Issues Resolved in This Release

  • Corrected error received when attempting to drag orders to Assets in Route Calendar.
  • Corrected issue preventing BranchID from resorting (Branch Header) correctly on the Routes page.
  • Corrected issue preventing Pulse devices from syncing with DRTrack.
  • Corrected issue preventing Time Speed Adjustment, Time Windows, Qty fields, or User fields from displaying on the Order Edit screen when EnableSamsara is set to TRUE.
  • Corrected issue that caused the LoadID to change/update when updating the truck name in the Truck Master; LoadID should no longer change.
  • Corrected POI search function to ensure search string is not deleted when a user clicks on Enter.
  • Corrected the search/filter (to narrow down the settings) in Configuration Manager to remove duplicated items.
  • Corrected unexpected behavior caused when a stop is dragged/dropped partially over a route object (Route Calendar).
  • Modified (improved) stored procedures to improve performance.
  • Modified (update) stored procedures to improve performance.
  • Modified the Account Management page format to prevent Account Name text from overlapping the EQ Code field.
  • Modified Lat/Long coordinate display so as not to overlap the Trimble Maps copyright at bottom of the screen (Orders page).
  • Modified the Login/Default screen layout to remove excess space.
  • Modified the New Routes page to ensure the correct branch is loaded.
  • Modified the Omnitracs integration sync to ensure data is returned when requested and/or every 2-5 min.
  • Modified the Order Details page to remove Samsara Docs panel, when Samsara is not enabled.
  • Modified the sort function for unloaded orders so any newly sorted sequence reflects correctly on the map (Route Board).
  • Modified the Route Export Service zip file to add missing entries needed for the service to work properly.
  • Resolved missing coordinate issue; when clicking on an order number and then the coordinates, the stop should appear on the map in the correct location (Routes page).

Updating to a New Version

If you are interested in updating to this newest release or any other version, please contact Trimble MAPS Customer Support, US (toll free): phone 1-800-663-0626 (Option 6, then Option 7); Monday-Friday, 7am-5pm CST.