DRTrack 21.1.2

Release Date: 1 Apr 2021

In this release:

Enhancements in This Release

Automatic geocoding added upon import of orders via DRTrack Import Orders Web Services. When DRTrack receives an order envelope that includes address, city, state, zip but Lat/Long is not provided, it will be auto-geocoded. The unloaded order can then be viewed on the Route Calendar/Map in the correct location matching the geocode result.

New Appian Mobile ability for Drivers. A Driver who is signed in to a pre-assigned route can now log in to another pre-assigned route directly, without the need to manually log out of the first route. DRTrack will automatically log them out of the first route, update the log in on the new/current route, and send a driver notification indicating the previous route was logged out. 

New option to choose date type reflected on the Route Calendar/Routes. Modified INI settings for _DATEROUTE to choose which date will be reflected on the Route Calendar and in any Customer notifications. When _DATEROUTE setting UsePlannedDeliveryDateForOrders is turned ON, the date that will show on the Route Calendar/Routes is Pln Arv Date (Planned Arrival Date). When setting is turned OFF, the date that will show on the Route Calendar/Routes is Est Del Date (Estimated Delivery Date).

New Truck Field MaxMiles added to DRTrack Database. The same field is used in the DirectRoute Truck File, enabling all stored field values to be passed when a Truck Master is downloaded to DirectRoute. Users who regularly download the Truck Master for use in DirectRoute will no longer need to manually enter this field of data in DirectRoute.

New ability to update a stop’s Actual Arrival/Departure from the Route Map page. This is a duplicate of actions enabled on the Stop Summary page (Stop Grid). Once a route has been logged in, navigate to Dispatch > Routes > View Map. Click on N/A under Act. Arr/Dep; the Actual Stops box will appear to select a compatible stop time (like under Dispatch > Routes). After selecting the stop arrival time, the stop color will change on the map from yellow to blue.

New Export Routes to Samsara ability enabled on the Routes page. Requires updating the INI setting ENABLE SAMSARA (checked). Navigate to Dispatch > Route Calendar and right click on the route. The export drop down button now includes the choice to Export to Samsara.

New option added to the Import Drivers API Web Services calls. When a Route Calendar user is using the Import Drivers API and would like imported drivers to show on the Route Calendar, set the Show on Calendar value to TRUE. The driver will show on the Route Calendar/Branches (Drivers Tab), available to be assigned orders (drag/drop).

Improved the Forms Description/Name column. Increased the column size for larger names, to accommodate additional characters, and store more data.

Modified Route Export rules to prevent export of un-geocoded orders. New rules validate that all stops on routes are geocoded prior to exporting routes to any Telematics. If un-geocoded orders are found when attempting to export routes, the export is prevented and a notification is generated, identifying the offending routes/stops.

Issues Resolved in This Release

  • Fixed export to Appian Mobile failure, if an order has negative quantities (return/pickup).
  • Fixed issue causing error when trying to delete trucks (Route Calendar/Truck Profile).
  • Corrected problem preventing edit/deletion of scheduled maintenance on the route calendar.
  • Modified the Velocity Sync to ensure it can be deployed without manual changes.
  • Corrected Enterprise to DRTrack navigation error that would occur if the BranchDropDownDisplay is not set to BranchID.
  • Removed the Export to Appian Mobile for Notifications option if ini setting is set to FALSE.
  • Corrected problem that prevented saving a selected asset (from drop-down menu) to a newly created Truck.
  • Modified a validation check on the Route Calendar/Schedule to prevent an error from occurring if the user session is no longer valid/active. Auto refresh/reload will now redirect to the login page.
  • Corrected Samsara display format issue.

Updating to a New Version

If you are interested in updating to this newest release or any other version, please contact Trimble MAPS Customer Support, US (toll free): phone 1-800-663-0626 (Option 6, then Option 7); Monday-Friday, 7am-5pm CST.