Release Date: 30 Jun 2021

In this Release:

Enhancements in This Release

Added configurable user and quantity fields to the Route Export Service tool. Field settings can be edited at any time to your individual needs, and exported using the Route Export Service tool. 

Created new Resources ini settings to convert/upload images or signatures to DRTrack. Configure the URL for storing and retrieving, choose image type, size, and post processing actions.

Rewrote the Pulse Integration using newer API calls to improve poor/inaccurate stop detection. The new API Authentication requires the Pulse username and password to be set in the INI settings.

Added new ability to pull finalized routes from the GetRouteDetailByModifiedDate WS call. Set RouteDetailSearchOption to RoutefinalizedDate and routes with the latest finalization between the specified dates will be returned. The data returned can now be used in the Route Export Service. 


Added new options to Route Export service to choose routes for export based on various route status options;  

  • AllRoutesModified (default) = Any Route that has been changed or created in anyway
  • DispatchDate = Only routes matching specific Dispatch Date requested in
  • GetRouteDetailByModifiedDate  :fromdate and :ToDate when RES runs (uses current date and time based on Polling Frequency in the Servicesettings.json)
  • RoutefinalizedDate = Any Routes that have been finalized since the service last ran
  • PlannedStart = Planned start of the route is within polling frequency


Updated the DRTrack user password complexity policy requirements to comply with Trimble's minimum default standards;

  • When setting a user password via the DRTrack UI or API requires these password requirements
  • Be at least 8 characters in Length. Include at least one of the following characters: !@#$%^&*+_-
  • Include at least one upper and one lower case letter
  • Include at least one number


Changed the Google Geocode fallback options to reflect updated georesults. When Google is used as a secondary geocoder (Admin>Site>Settings & Configuration) and the INI setting DRGeocodingFallbackLevel in DRTrack is selected, the updated georesults will be displayed. 

  • Old: Always, Never, Level 1 and Level 2
  • New: Always, Never, Exact, Good, Uncertain, and Failed

Issues Resolved in This Release

  • Fixed an error on Route Calendar that prevented user from trying to re-sequence a stop by drag and drop.
  • Corrected issue preventing Route Export Service from running correctly.
  • Resolved an Email Manager timeout error.
  • Corrected Capacity Gage display error.
  • Fixed issue preventing saving/showing new POI's on the POI manager page.
  • Fixed issue preventing exported DRT routes from showing in Samsara Cloud.
  • Corrected problem causing user to be logged out if they mistakenly clicked on the Route Calendar/Shipping Address header.
  • Modified the Truck Capacity Utilization Report to ensure it runs correctly.
  • Modified Build route option on the Route Board to correct violated routes error.
  • Corrected the BranchID sort function (multiple pages).
  • Fixed error received when deleting a branch (Branch Manager).
  • Modified export settings to correct issue that removed both start and end terminal from the export file when the option is not checked to include Start Terminal.    
  • Corrected issue causing DRTrack to send incorrect RT in xml returned to DirectRoute.
  • Corrected Route Export Service issue returning error, "Nullable object must have a value."
  • Fixed problem that returned incorrect sequence info when resequencing a stop on a route (route calendar) with drag and drop.
  • Fixed issue preventing Route Export service from exporting correct truck field info.
  • Modified route export to prevent completed stops from being included if already completed in Appian Mobile.

Updating to a New Version

If you are interested in updating to this newest release or any other version, please contact Trimble MAPS Customer Support, US (toll free): phone 1-800-663-0626 (Option 6, then Option 7); Monday-Friday, 7am-5pm CST.