Release Date: 10 Dec 2021

In this Release:

Enhancements in This Release

Added the ability to sort Volume Field columns and User Field columns in the Route Calendar/Unloaded Orders Tab.

This new function matches the abilities provided in other columns and reduces scrolling time while reviewing orders.

Modified behavior of the Save View button in the Route Calendar. 

Once selected, this button will save all changes to the unloaded order columns (reordering the columns, resizing the columns) until the next time a user makes changes and hits the save button again. The saved changes will persist thru DRT sessions.

Enabled Odometer and Speed Calculation in Appian Mobile Sync for Estimated Actual Mileage. 

Users will now have the ability to view and report on estimated device actual mileage.

Added ability to view the Address2 field on the Order Details page.

Viewing this field was previously only available from the Ship To Management page and the Account Management page.

Added the ability to create branch IDs with up to 50 characters.

This field was previously restricted to 20 characters.

Modified the User Field columns in the Unloaded Orders (Route Calendar).

User Field columns will now be aligned to the left, same as all other columns.

Modified Appian Mobile to trigger workflows for order pickups (order/line volume is a negative value) to be the same as deliveries. 

A User is now able to send a route to a device with a pickup order, a pickup and delivery order on a single stop (consolidated), and an order that has line items for both pickups and deliveries. Once that route is exported, the workflows on the app should work seamlessly.

Added ability to edit a device assigned to a route from the Route Calendar. 

This eliminates the need to go to another page to send routes to a device. Select the Device button to edit/choose from the drop-down menu. This does not change any behavior regarding how a driver or asset is assigned to a route on the route calendar; it only allows the User to either select a DeviceID for assignment OR change the one that is applied based on the DriverID.

Added two new fields to the Branch Manager screen, Email Address and Address. 

By adding these new fields, the info can be sent to Appian Mobile when a new branch is created.

Modified the Appian Mobile Sync to now include all fields from the Branch Manager page. 

All fields that contain any text will be sent to DRT during the sync, ensuring edited or new data from this page is included.

Added ability to open the DRT Truck Profile page when a truck is selected while using the Route Building Wizard.

This will save steps/time by pre-populating truck data.

Added color coding for Georesults on the Route Board, Route Calendar, and Unloaded Orders page. 

Color coding based on the type of result provides user friendly visual clues.

Added functionality to geocode requests to include the Address 2 field if a georesult using Address 1 isn't acceptable.

Sending a second address will help reduce bad geocode results due to inadequate or missing data.

Added ability to sort Volume Field and User Field columns in the Route Calendar/Unloaded Orders Tab.

This provides matching functions already available in system fields (Account Name, Order ID, etc.) and will reduce scrolling time while reviewing orders.

Issues Resolved in This Release

  • Corrected problem causing duplicate landmarks to be created when routes are exported to PeopleNet after being uploaded to 2+ branches in DRTrack.
  • Repaired grid filter options for unloaded stops on the Route Board.
  • Fixed the Capacity gauge (Dispatch/Routes) to ensure it shows/matches the correct percentage (%). If the percentage is more than 100%, it should display in red.
  • Corrected the web service call GetRouteDetailAndBranchIdByModifiedDate to accept a shorter time window span (minutes) in the FromDateField and ToDateField in order to receive fewer routes in the response.
  • Modified the Order Import Module to ensure the proper DLL's are included in the deployment.
  • Corrected issue preventing newly created orders (Dispatch/Create Orders) from appearing in the Route Calendar.
  • Modified the Geofence web service call to ensure the Geofence for imported accounts (Admin> Customer/Accounts) updates correctly.
  • Repaired/replaced the missing ALL option in the Branch drop-down on several pages (Account Manager, Time Window Code Manager, Last Position, Shift Manager, and Task Manager).
  • Removed a requirement to include Georesult data to export from DRT.
  • Corrected the ImportUser API call versioning error.
  • Removed the Route Details end terminal display for a one-way truck on the Route Calendar. Only the starting terminal should be displayed.
  • Fixed issue with modified orders via order import that inadvertently marked orders as both Dirty and Afct. Routing when only a User Field was modified. These orders should no longer be marked Afct. Routing.
  • Corrected issue in Branch Group Manager that prevented more than 10 entries or a second page from being viewed.
  • Corrected Appian Mobile issue causing error when unloading a stop from the Route Calendar and deleting a route from the Delete Routes page; a single stop route should no longer appear if/when the stop is deleted from the route.
  • Corrected issue in Dispatch/Routes that prevented showing a driver's corresponding DeviceID when the driver was selected.
  • Fixed issue that caused missing Georesult, Name, or Lat/long on newly created Terminal Accounts.
  • Removed an extra space in TableDate for GeocodeUngeocodedOrdersWithinOMM (INI setting), preventing the insertion a new record with each new run.
  • Fixed a problem caused when the FixedTime field contained an invalid value, resulting in unloaded orders disappearing (Unloaded Orders Panel).
  • Modified the grid in Branch Manager to ensure Time Zone displays correctly.
  • Corrected the Branch Group Manager page size function.
  • Fixed the Georesults display issue that occurred when creating orders with Dispatch/Create Order.
  • Fixed the issue that prevented moving a stop outside of the Time Windows.
  • Corrected the Route Calendar Time Zone display.
  • Corrected the scroll bar function for unloaded orders on the Route Calendar.
  • Fixed a page display error on the Route Calendar (missing Customer PO and Job name field name).
  • Corrected a page load error on the Route Calendar.
  • Corrected an issue that caused the Route Calendar to crash when a branch with no assets was selected.
  • Fixed a problem with fake orders causing failure of the Appian Mobile route export. 

Updating to a New Version

If you are interested in updating to this newest release or any other version, please contact Trimble MAPS Customer Support, US (toll free): phone 1-800-663-0626 (Option 6, then Option 7); Monday-Friday, 7am-5pm CST.