DRTrack 22.1, May 2022

In this Release:

Enhancements in This Release

Completed the initial module of Customer Communication Manager (CCM), an additional licensed service to be used in conjunction with  DRTrack. CCM can generate and send text messages or emails to the end customer/receivers based on order and route status. This service allows messages to be white-labeled, enables triggers for notifications, and custom configuration so that our customers can finely tune the look, feel, and timing of messages sent to their customers. CCM will enable our customer users to provide the highest level of customer service to their end customers.


Changed the column widths in the Route Calendar Unloaded Orders Panel to increase the number of unloaded orders that can be viewed at one time.  This new layout improves the view on both large monitors and laptop monitors. The new layout is set as the default view when a user initially loads the page, though it can be overwritten if a user resizes and clicks "Save View".

Issues Resolved in This Release

  • Worked out issues/bugs associated with Customer Communication Manager module.

Updating to a New Version

If you are interested in updating to this newest release or any other version, please contact Trimble MAPS Customer Support, US (toll free): phone 1-800-663-0626 (Option 6, then Option 7); Monday-Friday, 7am-5pm CST.