To help ensure only authorized users pass data to and from DRTrack, we recommend adding a setting that requires users to enter a DRTrack username and password when exchanging data. 

To add this extra layer of security, changes are required in both DRTrack and DirectRoute.

In DRTrack

  1. Select Admin > Site > Settings & Configuration.
  2. Search for the keyword “Security."
  3. Select Edit.
  4. Check the box next to the setting EnforceSecurityForDataExchange.
  5. Select Update to save. 

In DirectRoute

  1. Navigate to File > Preferences > DRTrack
  2. Enter the authorized DRTrack Username and DRTrack Password.
  3. Select OK to finish. Going forward, only authorized DRTrack users will be able to upload data to DRTrack or download data into DirectRoute from DRTrack.