The Mouse Pointer assumes different shapes and sizes to let you know what functions are currently being performed. 


The mouse pointer symbols in DirectRoute cannot be changed or customized like the theme options on your PC. The available pointer options are determined by the activated module or process and cannot be selected by the user while using DirectRoute.

Arrow Pointer: Pointing to the toolbar, menus, scroll bars, mini-map, spreadsheet, or status bar.

Map Pointer: Working in the Map window; used to point at symbols displayed on the map. Lat/Long coordinates, in relation to the pointer’s location, is displayed in the bottom left corner of the status bar.

Spreadsheet Pointer: Pointing at spreadsheet cells. Click on any cell or use the keyboard arrow keys to move between cells.

Frame Hand Pointer: Indicates that the Pan Map icon is active. To cancel, select the normal cursor icon.

Hourglass Pointer: DirectRoute is performing a task.

Magnifying Glass Pointer: Use to zoom in on an area. To cancel, select the normal cursor icon.

I-Beam Pointer: Mouse is positioned over a selected cell, or the mouse is over the formula bar (just below the toolbar, while a spreadsheet file is active.)

Two-Headed Arrow Pointer: Resizing drawings, spreadsheet cells, or windows.

Four-Headed Arrow Pointer: Moving a drawing or text box.

Clipboard Pointer: The clipboard icon is active.

Manual Routing Pointer: Manual Routing icon is active.