Before DirectRoute can assist in developing routes, it must know something about your routing environment and the deliveries to be made (routing data). This routing data (fleet and customer delivery information) is provided within Route Files (Stop File, Truck File, Distance File, etc.). The more you understand the way DirectRoute uses the data you provide, the more effective you will be in using DirectRoute. 


Some of the data fields in the Stop File relate to data fields in other files, and vice versa. For instance, the Truck File contains a data field that relays vehicle capacity information to DirectRoute for use during the routing process.


Example: Assume that each truck has a capacity of 45,000lbs. For DirectRoute to know when the truck is full, it must also know the delivery quantity (weight) assigned on each Stop Record. Therefore, the Stop File must include a data field that indicates the quantity (weight) of each delivery.


The Quantity Fields in DirectRoute can be used for any Quantity Value (weight, cube, pallets, etc.). 

  • Users assign the type(s) of Quantity Fields that will be used (Routing Preferences, next section).
  • More than one (additional) Quantity Fields can be used together (weight, cube, pallets, etc.).
  • Remember to use the same Quantity Value in both the Truck and Stop Files.