Import current account records (Account Master File) for use by DirectRoute. 

  • Create an Account Master File with the required column headings (ref. Account Master File).
  • Save the edited file as an ASCII (.csv) or spreadsheet (.xls) file in the DirectRoute Data folder; rename it as something you will remember. 
  • Open DirectRoute and (from the menu) select File > Open; select Stop Files from the drop-down menu in the bottom right corner of the info box, then select the new master file you just created and saved (from the step above), then click Open



This new master file can be used to copy/paste into a daily Stop File. Remember to save the file again after any further editing is done. 

  • Open DirectRoute and (from the menu) select File > New > Stop; a new Stop File will be created and opened; it will be blank, except for the column headings.
  • Return to the other file you opened (the file created in the steps above, from the Account Master).
  • Copy/paste the data from that file into the new Stop File, in the matching columns.
  • When all data has been copied to the new Stop File, save the file (File > Save As) with a new name.

Note: When completed, the new file(s) should always be saved to the DirectRoute Data folder, located in the directory where DirectRoute is installed.