This method is used when the customer base is steady and new customers are added infrequently. The process uses an Account Master File (maintained and updated by DirectRoute during the extraction process) to create a Daily Order File.


A Daily Order File extracted from your ERP/WMS system, is typically a tab-delimited (.ext) or comma delimited (.csv) file and contains only new orders (Account ID, Order Number, Quantity, etc.) associated with a customer that is listed within the Account Master File. Once extracted, the Daily Order File is converted into a Stop File for use in the route-building process. 


DirectRoute will match the ID1 field in the Extract File (Daily Order File) to the ID1 field in the Account Master File, and will then edit the appropriate Stop File fields (Account ID, Order Number, Quantity, etc.) with the values from the Extract File. At the end of the process, you will have a Stop File containing only new orders for current customers, ready to route.

  • Using your ERP/WMS systems' normal extract process, extract the Daily Order File, then edit the file to add the required Stop File column headings (ref. Import and Extract Records).
  • After editing the Extract File (Daily Order File), save it as an ASCII (.csv) or spreadsheet (.xls) file in the DirectRoute Data folder.
  • From the menu, select File > Open; select Stop files from the drop-down menu in the bottom right corner of the info box, then select the saved Extract File (Daily Order File).
  • Select the Open button to open the file. 


The file will now open as a Stop File that can be used in the route-building process. Remember to save the file again if any further editing is done. 

Note: To simplify the daily process, create a custom extract (if possible) with the required Stop File column headings that can be used to extract the data from your ERP/WMS.