Two configurations are set:

  • CCMActive enables the service

  • CCMAP_URL specifies the CCM Application.

Once the service is enabled, four new user fields and aliases are automatically added to the alias manager. These user fields will contain contact information for each order that is intended to receive a notification; these user field aliases are:

  • CCM First Name

  • CCM Last Name

  • CCM Email

  • CCM Phone

To check which user fields you are currently configured with, check the Alias Manager by selecting Admin > Routing > Alias Manager.

NOTE: CCM does not use any contact information stored at the account level in DRTrack (name, phone, contact, etc.)


Trimble Maps employees will deploy CCM. To do this, the CIMS service has to be enabled, and the following configuration settings need to be set:

  • cimsapikey: ALK API Key for the ALK customer account that is set up. Obtained from the Trimble Maps Admin.

  • cimsauthurl: ALK Authorization Service URL. This would be environment type specific but the same for all customers in a given type of environment (e.g. same for PROD).

  • cimsexeinterval: Duration in seconds when the Service polls for order status changes. This value can be kept as 60 for all customers.

  • cimsserviceuri: The CCM API base endpoint. This is provided by the CCM team/documentation. This is also the same for a given environment type.