The tracking portal link can be provided to the end recipients of messages. This link can be clicked on whenever the end recipient wants and will provide an up-to-date view of the ETA for delivery and within X minutes of the delivery, will show a map with the current truck position.


This portal can be configured in several ways, adding logos, changing colors or font sizes and even changing the icons on the map. 


To configure the portal, select the Configuration icon on the left-hand panel and then select Portal.


Enter the link to the logo for the top of the portal. If no logo is required, leave this blank.


Colors for the portal and map are set by default but can be changed here. 

  • Primary Color
  • Secondary Color
  • Accent Color
  • Warning Color
  • Background Color Start: the color for the portal can be a gradient, so this represents the color at the top of the portal
  • Background Color End: this represents the color at the bottom of the portal if there is a gradient being used. If the start and end are the same color, the portal background will be a single color
  • Top Bar Color: Color of the top bar behind the logo or in place of the logo
  • Context Summary Link Color
  • Fab Color: the color of the floating buttons displayed over the map
  • Fab Icon Color: the color of the icon on the floating buttons

Fonts and Sizes

This section allows you to change the font sizes for different pieces of the portal. The Font URL or Font Family should not be changed from the default.

  • Card Title Size: sets the font size for the word delivery in the header of the card
  • Card Subtitle Size: sets the font size for the number under the word delivery
  • Card Content Title Size: sets the font size for the headers on the card
  • Card Context Title Size: sets the font size for the other text on the card
  • Top bar Height: this sets the height of the top bar of the tracking portal where the logo resides. Default is 150px.


This section allows you to change the icons displayed on the portal and the map. 

  • Summary Card Icon: this icon is displayed at the top of the content card.

  • LiveTrack Card Icon
  • Vehicle Icon: Icon representing the vehicle on the tracking map.
  • Destination Icon: Icon representing the end recipient displayed on the tracking map.


  • Center Logo: indicates whether the logo provided should be centered on the top bar.
  • Topbar Shadow: indicates whether there is a faint shadow underneath the top bar.
  • Expand Content Summary: indicates whether the content summary which contains information like order numbers should be expanded or collapsed by default.