DRTrack 23.1 should now be available to all customers.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the select/deselect button for unloaded stops was not working on the Route Board.

  • Fixed an issue where Actual Arrival and Actual Departure times were populated with the same times when the Appian Mobile integration was enabled.

  • Fixed an issue where selecting unloaded stops from the Route Calendar map, the corresponding line on the Unloaded Orders list was not selected as well.

  • Fixed an issue where the View Line Item Details link was not working when clicked.

  • Fixed an issue where stops dragged to the Route Calendar would disappear or move after being dropped.

  • Fixed an issue where customers upgrading from a version of DRTrack prior to 2018 would receive errors when editing module permissions after updating to a more current version of DRTrack.

  • Fixed an issue where users were presented with an error when moving a stop from one driver to another on the Route Calendar. The stops would move but an “Object Reference not set to the Instance of an Object” error would occur at the top of the screen.

  • Fixed an issue with the way that special characters are handled within the DRTrack User Interface.

  • Fixed an issue where the Fixed time Column would disappear from the Unloaded Orders window on the Route Calendar unintentionally.

  • Fixed an issue where User Group permissions in the Module manager were being ignored regarding the editing of trucks.

  • Fixed an issue where Global Scheduled Tasks were not being triggered at their designated times.

  • Fixed an issue where DRTrack would insert a blank page when printing Map data.

  • Fixed an issue where branches would not consistently appear the same way in dropdown menus throughout DRTrack.

  • Removed the Filter Results by Date and Time checkbox from the Order Management screen, allowing the check the box with no UI to set the time to be utilized. The date range was already required for the order search.

  • Fixed an issue where the Insert Order button would not appear when enabled in settings.


  • Improved database performance when using the Master Search. Changed large DRTrack fields from Integer to BigInteger to allow for the growth of the DRTrack database without issue.

  • Reworked numerous Stored Procedures to improve performance in the DRTrack database.

  • Reworked the Fleetmatics integration: Changed from SOAP to REST service due to the offered SOAP Service reaching end of life.

  • Changed the description of the CCMAP_URL INI setting to more accurately describe the setting.

  • Added EMPTYMILES and EMPTYMILESPERCENT to the DRTrack database to be used by Enterprise KPIs.

  • Enhanced the interaction between DRTrack and the license site.

  • Modified the Start and End Time for Customer Communication Manager to allow for more customer early and late notifications.

  • Updated the links in DRTrack’s support footer to point to the documentation and support website.

  • Enhanced logging for Customer Communication Manager to show in Order Audits to allow users to know if orders have been exported to CCM.

  • Enhanced DRTrack logging to show user logout events.

  • Enhanced logging for the Route Board to allow for better troubleshooting.

Updating to a New Version

If you are interested in updating to this newest release or any other version, contact Trimble MAPS Customer Support, or call (US toll-free): phone 1-800-663-0626 (Option 6, then Option 7); Monday-Friday, 7am-5pm Central Time.