Branch and Date Selection

Moved the branch selection and date selection to the header of the application to create more room for grid view.

Reordered Toolbars

The toolbar for Routes, Route Details, and Unloaded Orders has been redesigned. You can now view selected orders only with the Only show selected order button.

Visibility Dashboard: Single Route View

Newly incorporated into the Visibility Dashboard is the ability to see single route progress. By selecting a device indicator icon, the map displays the route and zooms to scale accordingly.

Each of the small circles (without a blue border) is a stop on the route. The color and shape inside of that circle represent the current status. Red indicates the stop is either delivered late or the ETA is late, while green indicates the stop is early/on time or is tracking early or on time. A check indicates the stop has been completed. Circles with a number indicate stops that have yet to be completed.

Hovering over a stop reveals information such as the time window, the planned arrival time, and if available, the actual delivery time and estimated time. Clicking the stop shows the Edit Route button, which returns you to the planning page.

The route line is colored in showing all the completed segments. Incomplete segments are indicated by a dashed line.

Several new map tools can be used in Single Route View. Clicking these allows you to toggle fully completed routes, GPS breadcrumbs, or other routes.

When completed routes are toggled off, routes that are fully completed are hidden from the map. When other routes are toggled off, then only the current route selected is displayed.

When GPS breadcrumbs are visible, each ping is represented by a green dot along the route. Clicking these dots displays the time of the ping, the speed of the truck at that time of the ping, the header, and the odometer (If available in your GPS integration).

When selecting a single route, the graphs on the top-right are hidden in place of route details showing each stop, the status, the planned arrival departure, and the actual or estimated arrival time. Selecting the stop details icon opens the DRTrack Stop Details page in a new browser tab. To bring the graphs back into view, click the Graphs icon at the top of the pane:

Fixed Route Additions

Daily Planner can now call out expected orders for fixed routes, and you can trim expected orders from a route. A red outline around a route card indicates there are no filled orders for that route, and there is a field added to the card called “Expected” that shows the count of Expected Orders. At the top of each pane, there is an overall count of routes or orders that are still expected.

Hovering over each of these counts will show more detail.

If you would like to view missing accounts overall, you can click on the count in either the Route or Unloaded Orders headers. This will open the Missing Accounts window. Here you can search, hide unwanted columns, and rearrange columns.

Clicking on the header count for Route Details will open the same window, but filtered down to just show the missing accounts for that specific route.

When viewing the map there are also visual indicators to tell you whether an order is still expected. A stop on a route will show a red outline if it is expected. Clicking the stop to view details will show a blue E to indicate this, and Consolidated orders will show an E next to each order to indicate this.

Unloaded Orders show on the map with an E in the map point.

If there are some expected orders for a given day that you know won’t come in, you can trim those orders off the route easily with Trim Expected Orders. This can be done per route, or as a batch action.


Daily Planner will ask for confirmation as the trim action cannot be undone. Clicking Cancel will return you to the main page without trimming should you change your mind.

Once the Trim operation is complete you’ll receive a toast message notifying you how many orders were trimmed.

To filter for only routes expecting orders or fully received routes, you can use the new quick filters.

Similarly, there are now expected order quick filters on the Unloaded Orders pane.

Free Form Lasso Behavior for Map Planning

Added a new, second lasso behavior if you prefer not to click to add anchors to the map. After clicking the Lasso tool, press Shift. The tool becomes freeform and anchors are created automatically to allow resizing. To use the existing lasso behavior, don’t hold down Shift while lassoing.

Optimize Sequence for Multiple Routes Hot Key

Added (Ctrl+Alt+W) hotkey to “silently” optimize the sequence of multiple selected routes.

Duplicate an Unloaded Order

Added the ability to duplicate an unloaded order from the Kebab menu. The duplicated order will have the same name as the original order but appended with ^1. If the order is already appended with ^{integer] then the duplicate order will be appended with ^[integer + 1].

Address2 to Card Configurator

Address2 is now a field available to drag onto unloaded order cards. 

Retain Order and Line Item Selection Between Sessions

Visibility preferences of line item details on unloaded orders and loaded stop cards are now retained between sessions.

Planning for In-Progress Routes

To prevent accidental changes to in-progress routes the following changes were made:

  • Users are prevented from dragging stops before any stops that have actual arrival/departure events.

  • Users are prevented from dragging stops with actual arrival/departure events to other routes or back to the unloaded orders pane.

  • Disabled Right Click Unload on Stop Card for stops with actual arrival/departures.

  • Disabled Right Click Optimize and Right Click Reschedule for Routes that are currently logged out.

Grid View

To improve data density, you can toggle between the card view or grid view for the Routes, Route Details, and Unloaded Order panes. To enable the grid, select the hamburger menu next to the filter button.

Once selected, the Unloaded Orders pane snaps to a horizontal view below the map in grid view. You can drag the Unloaded Orders pane into a full-screen view if desired. Routes and Route Details remain vertical, but will also display in grid view if selected.

All of the icons at the top of the panes work the same way as if cards were selected.

Scrolling to the right of the grid will show a configuration icon, allowing you to configure the columns displayed. Aside from the default columns, any number of user fields or volume types can be added. The configured data is retained between sessions.

The column will not resize based on the number of columns selected, you will need to scroll left and right to view all the details.

The list is automatically paginated, but you can configure the number of records they’d like to see before having to go to the next page. 

Columns can be rearranged by dragging the column header to the desired position. These column orders will be retained between sessions. 

Selecting a column header will automatically sort the data ascending and descending using the data in the column. The entire grid can also be sorted using the icon at the top of the panel. 

Just like with cards, the rows in the grid for each order can be dragged to and from other panes to modify routes. 

To view the line items in an order, simply select the arrow next to the order, and it will expand showing each line item associated.

Reordering of Filter Columns

You can now reorder each filter column. To rearrange the columns, drag the header left or right to the desired location.

Issues Resolved

  • Fixed an issue where Assign Devices produced an error on the Dispatch Page.

  • Fixed an issue where the Visibility Calendar was showing the incorrect route time on initial load.

  • Fixed an issue where the redirect to DRTrack Enterprise did not work for non-admin users.

  • Fixed an issue where Violated Route would after running Optimize Sequence/Within would not properly show the error message “Could not optimize due to violation.

  • Fixed an issue where users were unable to scroll on the Dispatch Page.

  • Fixed an issue where clicking on white space around a route was not opening Single Route View.

  • Fixed an issue where un-logoff audit events were not being properly recorded in Appian Enterprise Log.

  • Fixed an issue where routes with EQ Code Violations were not showing the EQ badge on the route card.

  • Fixed an error on the dashboard after Logout and Login.

  • Fixed an error on the Unloaded Orders Panel where when a user clicked the lightbulb when no routes were available, it would show a loading screen for an excessive length of time.

  • Fixed an issue where certain routes’ progress bars on the visibility calendar didn’t align with the tracking line.

  • Fixed an issue where the georesult on unloaded order cards was showing the georesult for the account and not the Ship To address.

  • Fixed an issue where the map zoomed out when moving stops between routes.

  • Fixed an issue where Dragging unloaded orders in Grid View does not initiate which account the order belongs to while being dragged.

  • Fixed an issue where assigning a driver on the Dispatch Page does not populate with the associated driver DeviceID.

  • Fixed an issue where unloading an order changes its planned and estimated departure and arrival date incorrectly.

  • Adjusted algorithm settings text.

  • Fixed an issue with selecting checkboxes in pinned route details Grid View.

  • Fixed an issue where expanding a row in grid view would return to the top of the list.

  • Fixed sorting in the Optimize Routes Preview and fixed some small visual issues.

  • Fixed predefined filters on the Visibility dashboard.

  • Fixed an issue where unselecting a boundary code for an unloaded order was not clearing out the boundary field.

  • Fixed an issue where the actual departure time difference to the planned departure time was being used for the "late" minutes calculation.

  • Fixed an issue where the Solution Statistics Route Comparison was not following which routes were pinned.

  • Fixed an issue where users would receive error toast messages if they logged out from the dispatch or boundary pages and logged back in.

  • Fixed an issue on the Visibility Dashboard where late stops that were not completed were showing as green when they should have been red.

  • Fixed an issue where newly assigned drivers were not populating on the Visibility Dashboard unless the dashboard is refreshed.

  • Fixed an issue where a deleted card configuration layout was still showing after deletion.

  • Fixed an issue where the Reset button was not working for the Size Restriction Field in Algorithm Settings.

  • Fixed an issue where clicking View Route Details from a stop card on the Boundaries page was not redirecting to the Daily Planner tab as expected.

  • Fixed an issue where the forward and back arrows were not working properly for unloaded orders on the map.