The DRTrack 23.2 General Release should now be available to all customers.


New Features

Dispatch Group Manager

New sort, filter, and search options as well as data columns.

Pickup Stop Functionality on Route Calendar

The Route Calendar now has the ability to automatically create pickup stops when required orders are dragged onto it.

Previously, there was no simple way to use a DRTrack solution to enable drivers to pick up items that may not have been available from the origin terminal. To alleviate this and automate pickup functionality, we have introduced a new method for the dispatcher to create these from the Route Calendar. Dispatchers can now drag orders requiring a pickup onto the Calendar from the Unloaded Stops grid. Previously, additional stops with quantities with negative values were created manually, which added complexity to the routing and dispatch process.


  • Enhanced geocoding functionality to allow for environments outside North America. Customer-specific functionality that may require licensing.

  • Enhanced logout functions to trigger as events in internal monitoring.

  • Enhanced the GetMasterRoutes API call to now return truck information associated with the Master routes.

  • Enhanced a customer-specific usage report.

  • Enhanced communication between the Enterprise platform to notify when Daily Routes have been cloned by the Daily Routes Task.

  • Enhanced the Customer Communication Manager (CCM) integration with DRTrack to allow DRT to pass multiple contacts per order. Contacts will be separated by commas. This functionality was implemented for Contacts' First Name, Last Name, Email, and Phone.

  • Enhanced the logging functionality with CCM and DRT to display exported information in the Route audit.

  • Enhanced internal versioning regarding License service and API endpoints.

  • Enhanced the velocity sync service to set LogEvents to true by default.

  • Enhanced the way we handle Int to BigInt conversions on databases internally.

  • Implemented many internal tests/Authentication for Licensing Service.

  • Database enhancements to improve performance.

  • Enhanced the user experience when using Dispatch groups by removing from the branch manager and adding a new Menu option under Admin called Dispatch Group Manager. Under the new Dispatch Group Manager, the ability to Search, Filter, and sort was added as well as the columns for Branch, Driver Count, and Asset count.

  • Enhancements to allow for pickup functionality include:

    • Addition of two INI settings: There are two new INI settings in the Whiteboard section, PickupLocationUserfield, which defines the userfield in the order where the pickup should come from, and AccountPickupLocationUserfield, which defines the userfield the pickup code will be stored. The PickupLocationUserfield and the AccountPickupLocationUserfield should each have unique names.

    • Pickup Stop functionality will reflect on Capacity violations if violated.

    • New color-coded Up and Down arrow indicators on Route > Stop Summary, Route Calendar > Route Details, and Route Board > Route Detail.

  • Enhanced text to indicate pickup stops on hover over.

  • Changed context menu on some route options when pickup stops are present to prevent user-introduced issues.

  • Introduced logic to prevent users from dragging a delivery before the required pickup stop.

  • Introduced logic that will treat the pickup and delivery as a pair when moving the delivery stop to another route.

  • Added text to the tooltip when selecting a pickup stop on the map.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the ImportActuals API call by removing the requirement for the IP address as the unique ID to make a successful call.

  • Fixed an issue with the ImportUsers API call that didn’t allow users to be assigned to more than two branches. Branches in this call are separated by a pipe (|).

  • Fixed an issue where the Can Modify Orders usergroup permission was not being respected.

  • Fixed an issue where Unloaded Master orders were not being shown in the Order management screen when Master Order search was being selected.

  • Fixed an issue where orders created through the Schedule Service Wizard but not loaded on a route were showing up highlighted as ungeocoded in the Dispatch > Unloaded Orders > Master Orders despite having a valid Lat/Long.

  • Fixed an issue where the Account Management screen was not properly displaying Active accounts not scheduled for service with the Show Me Only Accounts that are active but not scheduled for service option selected.

  • Fixed an issue where improperly formatted data elements would cause the whole batch of Velocity data to fail. Improper formatting should now fail, be logged and the next record will be processed without failing the batch.

  • Fixed a timing request by the Velocity team to now be at the requested 5-minute time interval rather than every ten minutes.

  • Fixed an issue where the Velocity sync logging was not showing enough proper events to assist with troubleshooting.

  • Fixed multiple issues pulled from internal monitoring errors in an attempt to lower random user logouts as reported by a customer.

  • Fixed an issue where POI (Point of Interest) Manager was not displaying a valid toast message with a successful event.

  • Fixed an issue where the POI (Point of Interest) Manager was displaying old branding, and updated to new branding.

  • Attempted to resolve an issue with the Delete branch functionality in the DRTrack UI. Outcome: Database’s over a certain size will need to be manually removed by the support team via SQL script.

  • Fixed an issue where right-clicking and viewing the map on the Route in Route Calendar under the Routes/Vehicles view would error out and close DRT.

  • Fixed multiple issues discovered by the QA team during testing.

  • Fixed an internal issue discovered by the SecOps team in Dev environment.