Sidebar: The left sidebar icon allows you to select the Dashboard. For routes that are in progress for the current dispatch day, the Dashboard page is the landing (or start) page seen upon login.

Dashboard Map: The dashboard map is the upper left panel of the page. The map will default to show the latest location of the vehicles assigned to routes that are in progress. Vehicles on the map will be color-coded green if the route is ahead of schedule or on schedule. The vehicles will be shown in red if they are behind schedule. The map can be expanded to full screen by clicking on the icon in the top right corner of the map.

Bar Charts: Located in the top right area of the Dashboard is a Routes health bar chart and immediately below is the Stops health bar chart. Each chart contains a legend of the statuses of planned routes and stops to help the dispatcher understand the health of the routes and stops for the dispatch day as they progress.

Routes Chart: The bottom half of the dashboard is a Gantt chart providing real-time tracking of the progress of the routes during the dispatch day. On each route line, the stops are represented as circles. The remaining stops are outlined and completed stops are color filled. Stops ahead of the estimated schedule, and stops delivered early will be shown in green. Stops behind the estimated schedule or delivered later than the estimated delivery time will be shown in red. As an easy time reference, the current time is always indicated by a vertical line topped with a truck icon cutting through the Gantt chart from top to bottom. Routes can be shown by route name or driver name. Sort and filter tools are also provided to assist in organizing the route list from top to bottom. The Gantt chart can be expanded to full screen by using the Caret (^) icon in the top-right of the chart header.

Single Route View

By selecting a device indicator icon, the map zooms, and the single route progress is displayed on the map. 

Each of the small circles (without a blue border) represents a stop on the route. The color and shape inside of that circle represent the current status. Red indicates the stop is either delivered late or the ETA is late; green indicates the stop is early/on time or is tracking early or on time. A checkmark indicates the stop is complete. Circles with the stop number indicate stops that have yet to be completed. 

When hovering over a stop, you get information about that stop including the time window, the planned arrival time, and if available, the actual delivery time and estimated time. Clicking on the stop displays the Edit Route button, which returns you to the planning page.

The route line is colored in showing all of the completed segments. Incomplete segments are represented by a dashed line. 

There are new map tools that can be used with the single route view. Selecting this icon allows you to toggle on or off fully completed routes, GPS breadcrumbs, or other routes.

When completed routes are toggled off, routes that are fully completed are hidden from the map. When other routes are toggled off, then only the current route selected is displayed.

When GPS breadcrumbs are displayed, each GPS ping is represented in the route line by a green circle. Selecting one of these circles displays the time of the ping, the speed of the truck at that time of the ping, the header, and the odometer (If available in your GPS integration).


When selecting a single route, the graphs on the top right of the page are hidden in place of route details showing each stop, the status, the planned arrival departure, and the actual or estimated arrival time. Clicking Stop Details opens the DRTrack stop details page in a new browser tab. To bring the graphs back, select the Graphs icon at the top of the pane.

Route Bar Chart

The Route Bar Chart breaks down the status of all routes dispatched on the current day. You can choose to look at the status of all routes or just the remaining routes (routes not completed). To the right of the title of the chart, there will be a count in parenthesis. This count is the sum of the number of routes charted, depending on the mode (All or Remaining) routes.

Stops Bar Chart

The Stops Bar Chart breaks down the status of all stops dispatched on the current day. You can choose to look at the status of all stops or just the remaining stops (stops not completed). The number in parentheses after the chart title is the sum of the charted stops. This count is the sum of the number of stops charted, depending on the mode (All or Remaining) stops.

Tracking Gantt Chart

The tracking Gantt chart allows you to see at a glance the progress of each of the day's routes. The routes can be listed by driver name, or by route name. Routes are laid out horizontally with each stop being a circle on the line. The current time indicator cuts through the routes from top to bottom, showing the location of each driver on their route in the same horizontal position on each row:

A dispatcher can quickly compare actual stop times with planned stop times by expanding individual rows or by expanding all rows to show the planned route beneath the actual route.