Sidebar: Located on the far left menu, the second tab from the top is the Route Planning icon. Selecting the Route Planning icon will show the route planning page. The Route planning page is the landing page for if no routes exist for the dispatch planning date selected.

Route Card List: If no routes exist, then this is where you will find the Build Routes button to start the Route Building Wizard workflow to build routes from the unloaded orders. If routes are already built, you will see the route cards listed.

Stops Card List: Once a route is built, you can pin a route by clicking the small pin icon in the header of the route card. A panel will open to the right of the route panel, showing the Stop cards list for that route selected. The stops will be shown in sequential order from top to bottom.

Unloaded Orders Card List: Displays the unloaded orders for the selected date and branch.

Map Panel: Upper panel that displays unloaded orders and routes for the selected date and branch.

Statistics Panel: Provides Unloaded Order Statistics, Route Comparison, and Daily Solution statistics with the ability to compare daily solutions.

Appian Daily Planner main interface