In the Preferences tab, most default settings should be suitable for you to get started planning and building routes. If you are interested in understanding all of the settings available in the Preferences tab, you will find additional information about all the settings in the “Preferences – Details” section toward the end of this user guide.

One preference you will need to set before getting started planning routes is the Alias Settings. In the Preferences tab, you will find a section called Aliases. You can toggle switches to turn on/off the volume and quantity fields you are using in your orders. The same on/off settings should be done for the Stop User Fields and the Truck User Fields. Use the dropdown to assign the following defaults:

  1. Default Volume Field #1
  2. Default Volume Field #2
  3. Default Stop User Field #1
  4. Default Stop User Field #2
  5. Default Truck User Field #1
  6. Default Truck User field #2

Once these settings are completed, you should be ready to start planning routes.