If a route planner has a list of unloaded orders in Daily Planner for the dispatch day for a given dispatch day and they want to build some routes manually, he has a few options which we will describe in this section.

On the route planning tab, at the top of the route card list, there is an unloaded order icon, with a count of the unloaded orders. Clicking on this icon will open the column card list of unloaded orders. The route planner can filter and sort the unloaded orders by account, volume, EQ codes, zip codes, addresses, time window, etc. to isolate the orders on the map which they would like to place on a route. Once the planner has the routes selected in the unloaded orders list, he has two options:

  1. Lasso the orders on the map (using the map lasso tool), Right-click > Create Route.
  2. Use the unloaded orders Action button to Create Route.