Each route has its individual route card that is shown within the Route Card List. The route card header displays the Route Name, a map pan-to-route icon, a push pin icon to pin the route, a toggle switch that hides the route on the map, as well as additional actions provided by the Kebab Menu. For additional information, see Editing Routes.

By default, the card will provide the route’s start date and time, the number of stops, default Volume field #1 (if no default volume #1 is selected in the preference aliases, then no volume will be shown.), and any violations present on the route. You can add additional information to the cards using the card layout editor.

Pinning Routes

From the Routes Panel, you can pin a single route by either clicking the thumbtack or clicking the checkbox on the route card, or just clicking any white space on the card. If you would like to pin more than one route, click each route's push pin. The planner can pin up to three routes at a time. 

When pinning a route or multiple routes, the corresponding routes on the map will also be pinned and any routes not pinned will be hidden on the map. 

To unpin any of the routes, click the X at the top right of the route stop list that you wish to close. This action will unpin the route and hide the route stop list. 

TIP: To unpin all routes quickly, click the Push Pin on the map controls menu.