There are several ways Daily Planner allows you to drag a card to perform an action. For most of these options, you can use the multi-select checkboxes to drag more than one card at a time to perform the same task. See some examples of dragging and dropping below.

  • Between Routes (let Daily Planner choose best sequence for the stop): Pin a route and expose the route stop cards. Drag a stop card from its current route onto another route by placing the stop on the new route card. 
  • Between Routes (user chooses new stop sequence): Pin a contributing route and pin a recipient route and expose both route stop card lists. Drag the selected stop from the contributing route into the selected slot between stops on the recipient stop card list. The recent route will automatically re-sequence to show the new stop in the selected sequence slot.
  • Manually Resequencing Stops on a Route: With a route pinned, select a stop card and drag it to another sequence slot between two other stop cards. This action offers a fast way to re-sequence the stops manually. 
  • Loading an Unloaded Order: You can add new stops to a route from the Unloaded Orders panel by simply dragging an unloaded order onto a route card or inside a pinned route’s stop list. This will instantly add the unloaded order to a route.