If a violation is created because of a manual stop, move, or unloaded order move, Daily Planner will place a violation badge on the route card and/or the stop card. You can undo by clicking Undo in the footer of the Daily Planner window.


You can Undo or Redo individual moves that were made during the route editing process. After making a manual move, such as dragging an unloaded order onto a route, a pop-up message is displayed confirming the move. The Undo function is an icon in the footer, allowing you to undo the last move. This footer icon to undo various actions is shown below:

The message appearing to the right of the page allowing a redo action is shown below:

NOTE: The Undo function will only undo single move edits. Batched, complex actions, such as Optimize sequence or a Route Building Wizard workflow cannot be undone.

Navigating away from the page (i.e. using the back button in the browser) may disable the Undo function.