The route card Kebab Menu on the left of the route card is designed for single route editing or adjustments. This menu is shown below on the left. This menu allows you to: change the route start time, Delete the route (unloads the orders), Invert the route (sequence reversal), Optimize Sequence, Rename the Route, Reschedule the Route, Show Stop Summary (in DRTrack on another browser tab), Show Truck Info (in DRTrack on another browser tab), and Unload the Route (leaving the empty route in place).

The route card multi-select bulk “Action” menu allows a variety of actions to be performed on one route or multiple routes in a single edit. This menu is shown below on the right. These actions are: Unload, Unload & Delete, Optimize Routes (allow moves between routes), Optimize each routes internal sequence of stops, Fix (don’t allow changes) to the Start time of the route, Float (Allow the start time to move if needed to optimize the route) Start time.