The route start time can be changed for an individual route by using the Kebab Menu and selecting a new start time for the route. A pop-up window allows the planner to change the start date and/or time of the route.

If the Start time for the route is “fixed.” Manually editing the start time in this way, will change the start time to a “floating” status. If the planner wants to “fix” the start time so that it won't be altered by Daily Planner automatically to optimize the route, he will need to “fix” the time again manually. For more information about fixed and floating route start times, see the Fixed and Floating start time section.

Fixed and Float Start Times

The start time for a route can have a “fixed” start time or the start time can be allowed to “float”. If the start time is fixed, this means the route time will not be moved by Daily Planner to adjust to the delivery time windows of the stops added to the route. If the start time is allowed to float, the start time may be adjusted by Daily Planner to optimize the work time, drive time, and cost of the route. The fix or float icon will be red if the start time is fixed. The icon will be green if the start time is allowed to float.