Unloading Routes

You can unload the orders from routes, but leave the empty routes as a placeholder. Unloaded orders move back to the 

unloaded order pool for re-planning.

Deleting Routes

If you want to delete a route and unload the stops on that route so that the route stops become unloaded orders, select the Kebab Menu on the route card for a single route action, or select all the routes for deleting, choose the “Unload and Delete” action. The multi-select option is the best way to completely start over with no routes and only unloaded orders. The planner can simply unload and delete all routes and start over.

Optimizing Routes

Optimization is covered in detail in the Optimization section of this manual.

Inverting Routes

Inverting a route will re-sequence the route stops in reverse order. To do this, use the Kebab Menu on the individual route list. Inverting routes could result in route violations.

Renaming Routes

Select the Kebab Menu on the route card and select the rename route icon. The system will display a popup that will allow you to type in the name of a route. Daily Planner does not allow the duplication of route names, so you will need to choose unique names for the routes. 

Reschedule Routes

If updates have been made to an order loaded on a route, the route may not be in its optimal configuration. You can “reschedule a route” by using the Kebab Menu on the route card and selecting the reschedule route option. This recalculates the statistics of the route, including start time, drive time, departure and arrival times, end time, and volume. If necessary, the route will be modified to its most efficient routing configuration when the recalculation is complete.

Viewing/Editing the Truck Data from the Route Card List

Use the Kebab Menu and click the Show Truck Info icon. This allows you to view the truck detail screen in DRTrack. The DRTrack will open in another browser tab. You can view the details of the truck or make changes to the truck.

Show Truck Info

Show Truck Info icon will open the DRTrack truck detail screen in a new browser tab. You can view details or make changes to the truck here.

Show Stop Summary

This menu option opens the tabular list of Stops in DRTrack. DRTrack will open in another tab of your browser.