Unloaded orders can be viewed as cards (by default) or in a data grid. To toggle between them, click the Hamburger icon.

Once clicked, the grid opens up into a horizontal pane; this can be resized by clicking and dragging the grey bar at the top of the pane. Clicking the caret button to the far left will open/collapse the panel as well. All of the icons at the top of the unloaded order panel work the same way as if cards were selected. 

Scrolling to the right of the grid will show a configuration icon, allowing you to configure the columns displayed. Aside from the default columns, any number of user fields or volume types can be added. The configured data is retained between sessions.

The column will not resize based on the number of columns selected, you will need to scroll left and right to view all the details. 

The list is automatically set to scroll infinitely, but you can switch to a paginated view if you prefer.

To rearrange the columns, drag the header left or right to the desired location. These column orders will be retained between sessions.

Selecting a column header will automatically sort the data ascending and descending using the data in the column. The entire grid can also be sorted using the icon at the top of the panel.

Just like with cards, the rows in the grid for each order can be dragged onto routes to create new routes or add to existing routes.

To view the line items in an order, simply select the arrow next to the order and it will expand showing each line item associated.