The Unloaded Order Card header displays the order's Account Name, Suggest Routes, as well as additional actions provided by the Kebab Menu.

By default, the card will provide the order’s estimated ship date, time window, the Volume field #1 that was selected in Aliases (if nothing was chosen that section of the card will be blank), EQ code, and the boundary code if you chose a boundary file to route within the Wizard. You can add more information to the cards using the Card Layout Editor.

Suggest Routes

Suggest Routes uses the Daily Planner's algorithm to determine the best route(s) to load the selected unloaded order(s) while taking into account violations. Clicking Suggest Routes will change the icon color to blue, indicating suggestions have been viewed. The Load More option expands the panel to show more route suggestions.

Additional Menu Options for Unloaded Order Cards

By selecting the Kebab Menu located on the unloaded order card, you will be able to geocode that single order and view Order Details, which will direct you to the DRTrack Order Details page.

Editing Unloaded Orders

There is no route editing in Daily Planner at the moment. To edit the order details, please use DRTrack. 

On unloaded orders, click the Kebab Menu on the unloaded order card and click Order Details. The DRTrack order details page is opened in a new tab and you can update the order details there.

Click the Kebab Menu on the Loaded Stop Card, then Stop Details. This opens the Stop Details in DRTrack in a new tab.