This feature is similar to DirectRoute’s Load Unloaded Orders option. Given you are planning your routing solution and you have routes built, as orders come in they will be placed in the Unloaded Orders panel. The Load Unloaded Orders button will appear along with the Boundary File dropdown list. The Load Unloaded Orders workflow allows you to place orders on the most optimal routes.

The Boundary Files dropdown, by default, will display the Boundary File used during the Routing Building Wizard setup. If no Boundary File was used, the dropdown will say No Boundary File.

Clicking Load Unloaded Orders, you can choose if you want to load the orders on empty trucks and whether or not you want to preview what routes the orders have been placed on, or you can simply load the orders without previewing. If you choose to preview the routes, a module will open which will show any affected routes along with newly created routes, should you choose to load on empty trucks. 

Routes are laid out in an accordion format and can be expanded to see the orders the Daily Planner wants to load onto each route. The route’s left-side panel color corresponds to the route color used on the route cards inside the Routes panel, and when selected the header will also show the same color. If Daily Planner will create new routes with the orders they will be grey. 

The route header provides data for a better understanding of how the addition of orders will impact each route. If you want to remove orders from a route you can deselect them and then recalculate to update the results. The deselected orders are removed from the preview and you will not be able to add them back during this workflow. Once you save your solution, all orders selected are added to the existing or new routes.