The Prescription Intelligence tab sets the priority level for each violation. Each priority level determines how Daily Planner will display and/or sort violations on the Routes Panel. Violations will appear either on the route card or the stop card when a route is pinned, depending on what the violation directly affects.

  • Route-specific violations that appear on Route Card:
    • Cap (Capacity)
    • Wrk (Work Time)
    • Dist (Max Distance)
    • Drv (Drive Time)
    • Ret (Return Time)
  • Stop-specific violations that appear on the stop card:
    • EQ (Equipment Code) 
    • TW (Time Window)
    • SEQ (Sequence)

Violations, displayed on each stop and route card are determined by how you rank each violation on the Prescriptive Intelligence tab. 

You can select the days that their Branch is open and, based on the days of the week selected, will determine the “Last Business Day” date. Statistics are displayed on the Unloaded Orders and Solution Comparison panes within the Solution Statistics panel.