Gantt View

By showing the Route Calendar in a Gantt view, you are now able to see both the Route Calendar and the map on the same computer screen. The Route Calendar panel is resizable so that you can view as much or as little of the map as you need. Another component added is Zoom Levels. This allows you to view the day as a whole or get a more granular view of a route if needed.

Compact View

A compact view is a condensed version of a Gantt chart that only displays the most essential information, making it easier to view and navigate. In this view, you are able to see more vehicles or drivers, but less detail is shown on the Route Cards. The compact view can be toggled on and off with the Compact View toggle. When enabled, you can see basic stop information by hovering over it. Clicking on the stop brings up a more detailed card. Compact view will persist until disabled.

Week View

The Week View shows you a full week of the route schedule including all routes on the map and all unloaded orders available for the week. This allows you to see where there may be openings to schedule another route or move some around.

Hovering over a route or Scheduled Time Block shows high-level information.

Clicking on a route or Reservation block provides additional information; PTO and Maintenance blocks can be viewed by hovering.

Advanced Filtering and Sorting on Calendar

Just like on the Unloaded Orders panel, the Route Calendar allows you to filter and sort routes, located on the Route Calendars Vehicle and Driver view as well as the Week View.

The sort by values includes:

  • Vehicle/Driver (Depending on what you are viewing).
  • Number of Routes on a Vehicle/Driver.
  • Combined (Sum) of Work Hours on a Vehicle/Driver.
  • Combined (Sum) of Mileage on a Vehicle/Driver.
  • Earliest Start Time.
  • Latest Finish Time.

After a sort is applied, you can reset the sort order by selecting the sort icon and hitting reset to default. You can also choose to sort empty rows to the bottom. 

As changes are made to the route plan, the sort gets applied automatically to account for those changes.