Currently, there is no way to create a new order in Appian Resource Calendar. To do this, navigate back to DRTrack and follow this process.

There are three places to create a new order. You can create them directly from the Route Calendar (1), the Dispatch menu (2), and the Unloaded Orders screen (3). The steps below will illustrate the process from the Route Calendar, however, the steps are the same for the other methods of creating an order.


  1. Search for the Account ID that belongs to the order you wish to create (NOTE: If the account does not exist, you will need to first create the account. Click on the blue hyperlinked Account ID.
  2. The Create Order Formhas multiple sections with required information to be filled out:
    1. Account Information
    2. Order Information
    3. Quantity and User Fields
    4. Time Windows
  3. Account Information:
    1. Confirm the Account Number (1) 
    2. To change the Ship-to Address, select an address from the drop down menu. (2)
    3. By default, the Ship-to Address will be set to “Same as Account Address”.
    4. NOTE: If the ship-to address is not listed in drop down box, you will need to create the ship-to address.
  4. Order Information. The following are required:
    1. Order ID
      1. This must be a unique number. Most likely is going to be the Ticket Number
    2. EQCode
      1. This is the Delivery Type. 
    3. Est. Ship
      1. This is the date the Order is expected to ship.
      2. This date is where the Unloaded Order can be found after completed
    4. Fixed Time
      1. This is the total service time at a stop. From Arrival to Departure
    5. Quantity and User Fields: These are the minimum required fields.
    6. Time Windows
      1. Open
        1. The Earliest time in the day that a delivery can take place
      2. Close
        1. The Latest time in the day that a delivery can take place
      3. Format for both fields
        1. Input this field in military time without a colon “HHMM”
        2. “HHMM” refers to the 4 digits that should be used. The first two digits should represent the hour and the last digits will represent the minutes
        3. In the example above, the window is 6:00 am to 8:00 pm. This is expressed as 600 and 2000.
        4. Click Finish in the top right corner