You can sort unloaded orders for the selected date range and branch on the Unloaded Orders panel. The sorting criteria will persist between sessions until you log out of Resource Calendar, change the sorting criteria, or click Reset to Default in the sorting dropdown. When a user selects the sort icon, they see how the route list is currently sorted by looking for the icon next to the field. If the arrow is pointing up, the route list is sorted ascending; if it’s pointed down, it’s sorted descending. Clicking the sort on a single field twice changes the direction of the sort. 

The sort criteria include:

  • Route Name
  • Planned Start Time
  • Planned End Time
  • Rt Number
  • Load Date
  • Total Stops
  • Total Cost
  • Total Distance
  • Work Time
  • Total Legs
  • EQCode
  • Violations
  • Dispatch Date
  • Completed Status
  • Truck ID
  • Volume Fields
  • Truck User Fields

TIP: You can minimize and maximize the Unloaded Orders panel by clicking the karet.