The Unloaded Order Card header displays the orders Account ID, Account Names, Order & Line Item Details, Suggest Routes, and Additional Options.

Order and Line Item Details

Order and Line Item Details allow you to drill down into the order and its line items to view additional Volume and User Fields. To access the line item view, select the line item icon.

Once selected, you can pick different data points to view on the order and line item. By selecting this icon, any volume or user fields and be added to the grid for visibility.

The top section of the card reflects the overall order details; the bottom part will display all line items listed with the individual data points.

This view will persist during a single session, but will revert to the default after logoff. 


Suggest Routes

Suggest Routes uses Resource Calendar's algorithm to determine the best route(s) to load the selected unloaded order(s). If a route has already been started, Suggest Routes will take into account the completed stops to decide if it is possible to include the unloaded order. Once the Suggest Routes lightbulb icon has been selected, the icon will remain highlighted in blue to indicate that it has already been reviewed. The “Load More” option expands the panel to show more route suggestions. This feature is also enabled on the unloaded orders card located on the map.

Additional Menu Options for Unloaded Order Cards

By selecting the 3 dot menu located on the unloaded order card, you will be able to geocode that single order, view the Order Details, or Duplicate the order.

Duplicate Order

When you select the duplicate order option, whether on the thKebab menu on an unloaded order card or via the right-click menu on the stop card on the calendar, a duplicate of that order will appear in the unloaded order panel. Because order number must be unique, the new order number will be the same as the original concatenated with a ^ and a numeric value representing the count of duplicates of that order.