The data grid shows information about each route, including icons for the export status, the planned and actual start time, the assigned resources and if a scheduling conflict is occuring.

Each line in the grid represents a route for the currently selected date and branch. The color of the line shows the current progress status.

  • Routes with a white background are unassigned and not logged in
  • Routes with a blue background are routes that are preassigned and not logged in
  • Routes with a green background are assigned and logged in (In progress)
  • Routes with a grey background are assigned and logged off (Completed)

The data grid can be expanded or collapsed using the expand icon at the top of the grid.

Expanding the grid allows you to configure the columns to display or hide different elements.

To reorder the columns, drag the header to the desired position.

The data grid can be sorted very similarly to the unloaded orders or routes, but a new sort type of assignment status is available. This sorts the list based on the progress of a route. Unassigned routes are sorted to the top, preassigned but not started next, followed by in-progress and completed routes.

The data grid can also be filtered very similarly to unloaded orders or routes. Common filters for dispatch activities have been created as saved filters. These include:

  • Unassigned
  • Preassigned Only
  • Logged In
  • Logged Off
  • Not Logged In

Filtering shows only the routes in the data grid that meet the filter criteria.