Optimize Within uses the Appian algorithm to put stops on a route in the most optimal sequence while still meeting all of the constraints provided in the order, truck, and algorithm settings. To get to the Optimize Within tab you right-click on a specific route you want to optimize or you can select the Optimize Within tab on the left side menu. The Optimize Within tab allows you to view potential cost savings by optimizing a route and approving optimizations for multiple routes at one time. The tab shows you the current version of your route and a preview of the optimized route along with any changes in route start and end times, resequencing of stops, mileage, hours, and cost. Routes that have violations are not able to be Optimized Within. If a route is already in an optimal sequence then you will see a ‘No Savings’ message. If there are violations on a route, then a message will be displayed “Could not optimize due to violations”. 

To approve an optimization, select the Approve Button on each route and then select “Accept (X) Optimizations” in the bottom right. The deny button is not used at the moment. 

If you optimize from the Route Card, you will not get the preview. 

Optimization may cause the route start time to change if it is not locked.