Algorithm settings can be modified by going to Preferences > Algorithm. There are defaults set for each setting and can be modified to suit your needs.

The settings are broken down into six sections, keeping the relevant and related settings together. These sections are:

  • Adjustments
  • Consolidation
  • Distances
  • Constraints
  • Optimization
  • Algorithm

Inside each section is a listing of settings that impact the way the system uses the algorithm to help build routes, optimize routes, or guide you with decision support like violation badges. Each setting has a description of how the setting impacts the application and a default value. Depending on the setting, adjusting the value can be done through text entry of the value, slider bars, radio buttons, or toggles. 

Before adjusting a setting, you should select if the change should be organizational or at the branch level by selecting either the Global Defaults box or the Branch box (Global Defaults) selected by default.

After a setting is updated, the application shows that the setting has been adjusted away from the default and a badge appears on the section name AND the Global Defaults/Branch box that shows a count of the number of settings that have been previously changed.

If you wish to return the setting to the default, they can choose the setting and select the reset button.

If you are a current DirectRoute user, then the system can use a current DRProject.config file to set the algorithm settings. To use this feature, click Import, and choose the DRProject.config file stored locally on a computer. Select which settings you’d like to import, then click Save.

The settings inside each section are as follows:

  • Adjustments
    • Speed Adjustment
    • Mileage Adjustment
    • Stop Capacity Adjustment
    • Rush Hour Distance
    • Scale Factor
    • Time Window Gap for Buffers
    • Add Turn Time
    • Add Pre/Post Trip Time on Redispatch
    • Drop Count
    • Stop Capacity Adjustment Field
  • Consolidation
    • Consolidate By:
    • Ignore EQCode
    • Consolidate Fixed Time
  • Distances Currently Unused
    • Distance Method
    • Region
  • Constraints 
    • Maximum Distance Between Stops
    • Maximum Wait Time
    • Depot Radius
    • Check in Cone
    • Average Stops per Route
    • Minimum Time Between Stops
    • Maximum Closest Stops
    • Maximum Stops Per Route
    • Size Restriction Field
    • Dynamic Splitting Currently Unused
      • Split Trucks Full
      • Split Stops
      • Split Orders
      • Split Line Items
      • Split While Loading
      • Evaluate All Splitting Options
      • Maximum Splits per Stop
      • Minimum Split Size
    • Static Splitting Currently Unused
      • Split Stops
      • Split Orders
      • Split Line Items
      • Split Size
      • Volume Field to Split    
    • Backhaul
      • Maximum Out of Route Miles
      • Maximum Percentage of out of Route Miles
      • Load on Empty Truck
  • Optimization
    • Minimum Cost Savings to Optimize
    • Time Limit
    • Penalties
      • Penalty Factor
      • Window Violation Penalty
      • EQCode Violation Penalty
      • Work Time Violation Penalty
      • Capacity Violation Penalty
      • Late Start Penalty
    • After Loading
      • Always Optimize Stops
      • Always Optimize Trucks
    • Advanced Settings
      • Level
    • Passes
      • Pass Limit
      • First Pass Move Time
      • First Pass Swap Time
      • Subsequent Passes Move Time
      • Subsequent Passes Swap Time
  • Algorithm
    • Lambda Value
    • Lambda Increments
    • Strategy
    • Maximum Work Time Before Layover
    • Cone Angle
    • Box Expansion
    • Maximum Redispatch Iterations
    • Lambda Iterations

Consolidation Exception

Consolidation in Resource Calendar is not affected by the settings in the algorithm section described above.

  • ConsFixedTm
  • ConsolidateByAddress
  • ConsolidateByID1
  • ConsolidateByID2

To ensure consolidation works as expected, change the following INI settings in DRTrack:

To set or update the settings, navigate back to DRTrack either through direct login or through the Bento Menu at the top of Resource Calendar. From DRTrack, click Admin > Site > Settings and Configuration, then search for Consolidation.

With all three toggled, orders with the same time window, eqcode, lat/long, earliest/latest date, and zone will be consolidated and the fixed times on all orders will be summed.