1. Click the Start button (1), and type services.msc (2). Under Best Match, click Services (3), or press Enter (Figure 7). This loads the Services Management Console.

Figure 7. Launching the Services Management Console

  1. In the list, locate DRTrackRouteExportTool, and double-click it. This opens the Properties dialog (Figure 8).

Figure 8. Windows Services Management Console

  1. On the General tab, select Automatic from the Startup Type dropdown list (Figure 9).

Figure 9. General tab and Automatic Startup type

  1. On the Recovery tab, select Restart the Service from the dropdown lists for First, Second, and Subsequent failures (Figure 10).

Figure 10. Recovery tab and Restart actions

  1. Click OK. This closes the Properties window.

  2. In the Services Management Console window, right-click DRTrackRouteExportTool and click Start.

  3. Confirm RES is running by looking at the Status column, which should say Running (Figure 11).

RES enabled and running status in the Services Management Console window