Appian TransportationModeler Overview (3:04)

TransportationModeler (TransMod) is a standalone application for exploring freight network scenarios and does not require integration with a TMS to offer value. It provides strategic analysis and decision-support for use specifically with DirectRoute fleet routing and load optimization software.

TransMod includes powerful, last-mile routing capabilities that other modeling solutions lack to provide detailed insight into distribution and delivery plans. It uniquely considers the cost and size of any dedicated or private fleet when evaluating overall mode decisions, so it is perfect for asset-based 3PLs, dedicated carriers, and distribution companies with their trucks.

TransMod delivers multi-modal, what-if scenarios perfect for use:

  • Analyzing and preparing for freight network changes.
  • Responding to shipper RFP/RFQ with accurate bids.
  • Comparing multiple transportation plans.
  • Evaluating cost benefits with outside carriers and company fleets.
  • Exploring transportation mode shifts (LTL to TL) for cost savings.
  • Exploring business expansion and investment options.

Features include modeling orders and shipments, dynamic and/or zone-based routing, one-way inbound or outbound routing, mixed delivery/pickup, backhauls, single- and multi-day routing, and LTL-to-TL and multi-stop consolidation.