TerritoryPro is territory planning software that automatically builds territories that meet your criteria or allows you to review current territories with lasso-type editing for re-assignment and automatic updating of statistics. TerritoryPro adjusts and designs Route Territories based on constraints such as sales volume, service time, and/or coverage area.

With TerritoryPro, you can see different symbol displays for each representative's accounts with statistics for each area including sales volume and workload for servicing the accounts within each Territory.

The TerritoryPro (TP) module is incorporated within DirectRoute. To use, select *TerritoryPro* from the Module Menu in the top right corner of the screen.

TerritoryPro Toolbar: 1) Menu, 2) Toolbar, 3) Module Menu, 4) Drawing Tools, 5) Drawing Locks

All the basic DirectRoute menu and toolbar options remain available while working in TerritoryPro, in addition to a few items specific to this module. Also available is the ability to Undo/Redo an immediate previous action with Ctrl+Z.

If a menu or toolbar icon is gray and faded rather than colored and clear, it means the item is not accessible at that time. You may need to have specific files open, be in the routing mode, or it may be accessible only when using another module.

TerritoryPro Menu

  • Build Days: After the initial territories have been built, use Build Days to build subterritories by delivery day, within current territories.
  • Redistribute Territory: Redistribute (move) all stops within one selected territory, to the next nearest (as determined by TerritoryPro) territory.
  • Show/Hide Territory: Select territories to be hidden or displayed.
  • Add New Accounts to Territory: New accounts added to the Stop File, that have not been assigned to a territory and/or are not reflected on the map, can be assigned to a Territory using this option.
  • View: Select Territory Mode, Day Mode, or Show Sequence; switches the map view and Summary Report view to show primary territory results only (Territory Mode), Day (Day Mode) results only, or Stop Sequence (only available if Optimize Stop Sequence has been performed).