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The POI feature allows you to identify and save geolocations on the map in a library that can be used in the same manner as a legitimate address when assigning and routing orders in DRTrack.

The POI feature can be useful for deliveries to locations where addresses may not yet be available (i.e. new construction), deliveries to rural or unincorporated areas, or when addresses are not updated and/or correct, but physical location is known. Customers who spend a lot of time manually geocoding many orders will find the POI feature a great time-saver.

Capabilities include:

  • Drop a pin on the map and save the location as a new POI.
  • Assign POIs to unloaded orders from the Route Planning page.
  • Unique names for every POI, saved in a library for use with any unloaded order and any customer.
  • Searchable POI library with full edit permissions.

Once you've located an unloaded order that needs a POI assigned, choose the Assign POI icon and the application will open the Select a Point of Interest window where you can select an already existing POI or double-click on the map to create a new one.